Cloud Store & Share

Multicloud & Infrastructure

An external storage space, hosted at our Datacenters, where unstructured data can be stored and shared securely among users inside or outside the company.

The platform, on which the service insists, is fully redundant, ensuring data availability from different devices, even in offline mode. Our staff manages the platform, performing all monitoring, maintenance, and updating of software components.

In detail

The Service is available in two versions:

Basic – provides a shared structure with complete separation of information between Clients in terms of access, groups/users and files. Specifically it includes:

– Synchronization on Linux, Windows and Mac OS platforms.
– Access as a remote network unit of cloud storage space with webdav protocol.
– Web control panel for service management (user/group administration).
– Inbound and outbound bandwidth limitation directly from Desktop client.
– Data backup and restoration with a 15-day retention policy.
– Client connection with SSL secure protocol.
-Management of versioning.
-Log of accesses.

Advanced – provides a dedicated structure for each individual Client with complete separation of information between Clients in terms of access, groups/users and files. In addition to the basic features are provided:
– Two factor authentication (OTP).
– Web control panel for service management (user/group administration).

Frequent use cases

Support mission critical functions – The redundant platform can ensure data availability and business operations without any interruption.

Distant but agile – The synchronization and versioning features of the service, allow it to operate not only with a fixed remote connection but also on the move.

Perfecting the protection of strategic data – The use of external storage space, hosted and managed within our data centers, allows you to securely share, data and files with personnel inside and outside the company.


Our architecture ensures business productivity by replicating data on your laptop to work even in offline mode.


You can securely share files and data only with whom and how much you want.


The advice and support of our highly trained staff will follow you step by step. 


Your available space grows along with your needs.


Our architecture is proportional to the size of the data you want to share and so is our fee.


The operating-cost model allows for dilution of spending, so large investments are not needed.

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Why Deda?

Ethics – We believe in multicloud approach and data culture.

Innovation – We work with vendors on the creation of new services useful to the market.

Made in Italy – Data centers are on Italian soil, which is ideal in terms of compliance and accountability.

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