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Deda Cloud is founded on values that we all share and that unite us deeply. They have defined our identity from the beginning and we will continue to defend them.

Our Vision

We will be a point of reference for the evolution of IT services that will lead companies to realize their future in the Cloud. We will be the reality of well-built and autonomous technology, but governed by people.

Our Mission

Deda Cloud deepens energies and expertise to be a reference of reliability and service experience. We decline complex technologies into simple and secure services to offer our clients.

Your results

With Deda Cloud you are always ready to equip your business by evolving your IT with ease. We help you manage safely, you have time and way to devote to choice governance and strategic thinking, on which we are ready to discuss if you want.

We believe in the evolution of tomorrow

We get excited about designing useful services for our users today to support them in global growth tomorrow. We believe in knowledge and forward-looking strategy. For two decades, we have been helping to evolve IT paradigms and develop the security model to serve our users.

We are explorers

The new has never frightened us; in fact, it has always been the biggest driver for our curiosity. We were born, and continue to grow, in a horizontal federation of expertise that spreads across different markets. Having the privilege of listening to everyone’s needs, we have made it our strength.

We are forerunners

We develop with the vigor of innovation our privileged relationship with vendors, often first creating new declinations of their technologies so that they best fit our clients’ businesses.

We are visionaries

We know that the future of IT is the Cloud cultivated by real people. We are already working on process and technology automation, we want to become experts in new paradigms as well. This direction will guide us to new quality standards with which we will guide our customers in the future.

We believe in empathy

We know that the success of an organization is also measured by the satisfaction of its people and the ability to work in harmony. That is why we build people-friendly services and organize our work with the goal of improving people’s lives.

We are listeners, transparent and impactful

Over the years we have learned to foster a virtuous circle of proactive listening and communication on which we have built our tools and processes. Users’ wishes are our starting point in favor of rapid implementation, capable of changing the effectiveness of our operation according to people’s needs in a short time.


We are close to our users

Availability and support for our customers is a top priority for us. An important territorial presence and a widespread structure capable of acting dynamically, smoothly and safely enable us to support users with concrete actions in any direction of development. We touch the businesses we work with, and every day we improve the declinations of our HiTech skills into industry best practices.

We believe in the power of ambition

To have a significant impact, it is necessary to aim high. The entrepreneurial group to which we belong, Lillo, has done so starting with large-scale retail and continues to do so in many markets. We are its strategic cloud pivot.

We are determined

For us, becoming a top player means maximizing the possibility of positively impacting the maturity of the solutions and provisioning methods that our customers will have access to. It means going together, but before others, into the future.

We are brave

The idea of data culture that we bring forward is more important than choosing the good shortcut only tomorrow. We believe that data preserve not only value but also identity, and therefore should be governed with responsibility and confidentiality. With Deda Group we also work on these issues on the GAIA-X table.

We are Italian entrepreneurs

The Lillo Group and Deda Group have been gathering the entrepreneurial experience of many realities for 20 years and concretizing them into a network of valuable knowledge to develop perfect services for clients’ business. We have learned to be attentive to finance, compliance and production needs as well as IT needs.

We believe in teamwork

We are cohesive and put our heart and soul into everything we do. We cultivate relationships that go far beyond work and create unbreakable bonds. It is incredibly motivating, pursuing goals with people you know, like and trust.

We are players

In Deda Cloud teams, everyone knows their role and fulfills it with ownership and passion. So too is our relationship with clients; we welcome them into the work team according to clear perimeters that allow effective and flexible lead times with respect to their innovation needs.

We are snappy

We make expertise flow quickly where and when it is needed, so among ourselves and so with other companies in the group. We have a unique network of knowledge, and knowing how to ground it really makes a difference-being agile and communicative people allows us to do this effectively.

We are bivalent

Our bivalent Hi-tech and Hi-touch qualities allow us, on the one hand, to cover the whole stack from network to platforms with our expertise and, on the other hand, to be synchronized with customer needs by leveraging explicit and proactive communication, listening skills and empathy.

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