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Cloud is a strategic asset for business development and should be adopted according to the principles of freedom, data culture, security and business knowledge.

We do this as a Managed Cloud & Security Services Provider, selecting solutions from the best vendors to package services made the way you want them: performant, flexible, secure.

We contribute to the evolution of IT facing tomorrow.

We want to do this for the most ambitious businesses. Are you with us?

IT strategy has become indispensable for business growth and security
A revolution of values and paradigms is taking place in every market, new drivers that companies must be able to embrace
We transform technologies into services, smart and secure solutions, capable of evolving thanks to professionals who guide and shape them by empathizing with the customer
We put the customer at the center, and we really do: at the organizational and engineering level, sharing risks and proactively working on tomorrow's paradigms
We create work environments and services based on freedom, responsibility, and security, because both companies and people need them
We are experienced, certified, close-knit and hopelessly responsible professionals, but we do not give up on ourselves. We are gritty athletes, eclectic artists, passionate parents, free people, rock stars in the shower
We believe this because change is the constant in the world....
...We have been making IT evolve accordingly for 30 years....
..we do it well because we believe in the value of people.

For you the best assistance, for your business the most attractive services.

Multicloud & Infrastructure

Cloud, connectivity and system integration services to seize every growth opportunity with an efficient and secure multicloud infrastructure, connected at high speed and free from unpredictable costs and technology constraints.

Clouding @Deda

Infrastructure services and cloud-ready applications for the company that wants to extend the datacenter in our free, agile, close and secure cloud, employing its own expertise or choosing the managed mode with the support of Deda Cloud specialists.

Clouding @Home

Infrastructure services to create a virtualized IT environment at the customer's datacenter taking advantage of all the benefits of the cloud but without the worries of migrating data outside the enterprise.

Clouding @Hyper

Services to build and administer IT environments on Azure and AWS platforms to achieve true multicloud with @Deda and @Home cloud solutions.

Connecting Network

Connectivity over public network (Internet) and virtual private network to provide customers with maximum service reachability and always reliable and fast browsing.

On Premise

Services for the design and implementation of all the components needed to build a secure on-premise data center in line with business needs, thanks to Deda Cloud's partnerships with market-leading vendors.


Consulting and security as a service solutions with the goal of building or refining an effective security strategy, minimizing the risk of suffering economic harm as a result of a cyber attack, and establishing a continuous cycle of security improvement and investment optimization.


Technical analysis activities performed by trained personnel to determine weaknesses in systems through detection and simulation of a cyber attack within a predefined perimeter.


Security services and technology for advanced protection of information assets from advanced threats and monitoring tools that simplify control and operational management in complex architectures.


Services for 24/7 monitoring of IT systems, detection and response to cyber incidents using an as-a-service model, with the goal of improving the organization's response time and chances of preemptively stopping threats while reducing the risk of economic harm.


Consulting services in Information Security, Governance, Risk Management, Business Continuity and Compliance for more efficient, secure and aware management of information and information systems.

Managed Services

As-a-service management and maintenance of Deda Cloud systems and platforms, to have an always efficient, up-to-date and secure environment and to relieve internal departments from daily maintenance activities while maintaining IT governance and business focus.

ManS for IT

Services and support for the management, monitoring and optimization of IT infrastructure systems and major databases and operating systems.

ManS for Hyper

Managing the infrastructure and utilization of virtual resources of leading public cloud providers in order to optimize performance and maximize business value.

ManS for Security

Management and support services delivered by certified Deda Cloud personnel with the goal of maintaining effectiveness of security and data protection infrastructure without the need for investment in qualified in-house personnel.

ManS for Enterprise APP

Management and maintenance services on specific application platforms (SAP, Stealth, Piteco) to have advanced skills that ensure efficient environments and applications.

Enterprise Managed Platform

Deda Cloud as a service platforms that integrate infrastructure, application architecture and management services into a single service to achieve a constantly updated and efficient solution ready for the end user.

Deda APP

Service delivery of SAP, Stealth and Piteco platforms followed by specialists with deep knowledge and experience on the different environments, ready to use and always available through the Deda Cloud infrastructure.

Digital Information

Provision to service Long Term Preservation platform for archiving and long-term preservation of digital information according to reference standards and methodologies, ensuring usability.

We create valuable experiences that foster listening, ideation and transparency.


The user centered and business oriented approach   characterizes us.

Our goals


Years of experience in the service world


Motivated people and valuable professionals


Offices in Italy for a widespread coverage


Customers satisfied with our services


Certifications of competence and performance

  • Data center 100% made in Italy
  • Operating in Italy
  • ISO 14001 Certificates
  • ISO 27001 Certificates
  • Compliant with AGID, GAIA-X and GXP
  • ISO 27017/8 Certificates

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Our alliances

Our services and performance are also the result of strong alliances. Cutting-edge technologies and international partners support our growth and the evolution of our clients’ IT toward business innovation every day.

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