Desktop as a Service

Multicloud & Infrastructure

Active virtual desktops on our virtual platform to carry out all business activities remotely. You can connect how, when and where you want, in complete security, launching office automation applications or working with your business applications.

The infrastructure is fully managed by our staff to ensure you always have an operational, up-to-date, secure and efficient environment.

In detail

In order to meet any need, 4 types of virtual desktops (Basic, Beginner, Medium, Advanced) are available, which differ in the size of the computational components (vCPU, Ram, VideoRam).

Optionally, we can manage our clients’ virtual destkops, thus relieving them of maintenance operations for problems or changes.

All virtual desktops come with Microsoft Windows10 to which you can add:

– The Office 365 component.
– The virtual desktop protection (antivirus) solution.

Finally, the Next Generation Firewall component managed by our staff allows us to introduce an element of security to protect desktops and the traffic generated by them, in particular, with web filtering features.

Frequent use cases

Rationalize technologies activated in emergency – Several companies have adopted solutions for remote work as quickly as possible under the pressure of the pandemic. In order to stabilize the work environment, it is now advantageous to invest in ease of management and quality of service with long-range solutions.

Embracing Smart Working but Safely – In the “new” reality, smart working and office attendance alternate frequently. Using virtual desktops allows you to incentivize the use of BYOD with specific configurations that are difficult to replicate, while maintaining high security standards and optimizing costs.


Our solution can be easily integrated and modulated to suit your needs.


Deda Cloud will relieve you of the task of managing, maintaining and updating the Back-end infrastructure.


Our highly trained staff will follow you step by step in adopting the Cloud.


Manage workstations according to production peaks: activate, configure and decommission Virtual Desktops according to your needs. Optimizes costs and pays a fee commensurate with the use of the service. 


We study ad hoc solutions to help you optimize and govern your resources.


All your data is stored in our Data Centers, governed by the highest security standards, gained from more than 20 years of experience in the field.

ITAS Mutual

#DisasterRecovery #DELLTechnologies #Partnership.

ITAS Mutua is the parent company of the ITAS Insurance Group and has been protecting its insured members since 1821 by providing the best possible insurance service and contributing to community development.

Deda Cloud together with Dell Technologies has implemented a Disaster Recovery solution that can support the heterogeneity of technologies, protect the large amount of data governed and ensure business continuity.

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Why Deda?

Ethics – We believe in multicloud approach and data culture.

– Innovation – We work with vendors on the creation of new services useful to the market.

Made in Italy – Data centers are on Italian soil, which is ideal in terms of compliance and accountability.

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