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This is how together we have achieved results such as reduced risk, optimized infrastructure, increased productivity and, most importantly, people's peace of mind.

Zini Prodotti Alimentari SpA

#EManS4SAP #Management #Service.

A leader in fresh frozen pasta, Zini Prodotti Alimentari SpA has been committed for more than 60 years to making pasta and other specialties made from Italian grains usable worldwide and in all situations.

Deda Cloud supports the company on its journey of growth and innovation with its EManS for SAP service, guaranteeing better performance and a state-of-the-art infrastructure, all managed by certified personnel.

IWIS Holding

#MDR #Security #Service

IWIS is a “Thinking Holding” specializing in the building industry that has been committed to providing products to ensure energy conservation and living comfort for 50 years.

Thanks to Deda Cloud, they have significantly improved their enterprise security posture with a proactive and continuous monitoring Service: Managed Detection & Response.

Historical Archives of the European Union

#DigitalPreservation #LongtermPreservation #Service.

The Historical Archives of the European Union are recognized as the only historical and official archives of all the institutions of the European Union.

Together with Deda Cloud, they are committed to their mission: to ensure the long-term preservation of the collected documents and to be a central point of observation and study for a very heterogeneous documentation across agencies and institutions.

RAD Informatica

#Management #Security #VMware #Partnership.

Since 1999 RAD Informatica has been accompanying and facilitating companies in the complete management of the entire bank and financial credit recovery process, developing automated and ad hoc software solutions for its clients.

With Deda Cloud, it decided to revisit its Cloud infrastructure by investing in a hybrid solution: IaaS & Managed IaaS, replicated with DR system and supported by VMware technologies that ensure network microsegmentation, autonomy and security.

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ITAS Mutual

#DisasterRecovery #DELLTechnologies #Partnership.

ITAS Mutua is the parent company of the ITAS Insurance Group and has been protecting its insured members since 1821 by providing the best possible insurance service and contributing to community development.

Deda Cloud together with Dell Technologies has implemented a Disaster Recovery solution that can support the heterogeneity of technologies, protect the large amount of data governed and ensure business continuity.

Allitude S.p.A.

#Storage #IBM #Partnership.

Recently founded, Allitude is the new company of the Cassa Centrale Group that supports banks in all back-office and IT services, developing ad hoc IT solutions and delivering high value-added services.

The historic partnership with Deda Cloud & IBM has enabled them to maximize the reliability and continuity of their services by investing in the cutting-edge storage and backup technologies that set their business apart.

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#Growth #Resilience #Partnership.

MD is among the most dynamic retailers in Italian large-scale retail, a business that runs fast, always on, geographically distributed and among the Italian pioneers also in e-commerce, with a portal dedicated to non-food. 

CSP International

#Cloud #Management #SAP

Founded in the heart of Made in Italy hosiery, CSP International Fashion Group is one of the most important Italian manufacturers and distributors in the underwear industry.

The company decided to invest in the Cloud by relying on us and the management, expertise and professionalism of our experts, untying itself from the logic of renewal, to make its business dynamic and flexible.


#Infrastructure #Management #SAP

Quality, experience and expertise are the hallmarks of Carraro’s strategic activities.

Deda Cloud was able to understand the value of this, accompanying the client in the implementation of a secure and managed infrastructure that enriches the company’s technological innovation.


#Cybersecurity #Service #Smartworking

Agile work brings companies face the need for greater security and centrality in managing the network and its users.

E-Pharma invested in technology and awareness of its resources thanks to Deda Cloud, which promptly, competently and confidently implemented a strategic solution for the company.


#Cybersecurity #Innovation #Service

The market is pushing companies to make increasingly effective defense systems.

CCM has recognized in Deda Cloud security, continuity and support, which are essential for a business that supports the food industry, active 365 days a year.

Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.A.

#Infrastructure #Management #Scalability

Fidia chooses Deda Cloud to renew its infrastructure, simplify its management and improve its future scalability.

A strategic choice to face with solidity and confidence the challenges that the health and wellness market offers today.

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