Cloud Email Security


The service dedicated to advanced protection of your e-mail from advanced cyber threats.

Based on cloud technology, the analysis of email and attachment data takes place outside your infrastructure and does not require hardware and software investment or system changes.

In detail

Control of the content of messages and attached files is done on shared or dedicated cloud infrastructure depending on the service version.

The service allows advanced and 0-day malware threats to be blocked, in addition to normal spam, with a multilevel security system or sandboxing before they can transit the client’s network and compromise integrity and security.

Spam is maintained in a special quarantine area available to the user for possible later consultation and release.

Depending on the service, the system keeps a copy of messages for a certain time in case the client’s mail server is unavailable.

Frequent use cases

Segmenting Threats-The e-mail channel is constantly being attacked with new strategies, so it is important to make use of an up-to-date security system that can reduce the threat and safeguard business operations.

Protect without complications – Adopting a dedicated service to secure your e-mail allows you to protect your mail data with an advanced solution, without adding complexity or burdening your day-to-day IT management.

20 customers


of the service


We guarantee you advanced protection against advanced threats.


The service is transparent to the user, requires no installation and/or maintenance, and does not use your infrastructure resources.


Security technology is always updated in high reliability

Pay per use

We provide economic flexibility based on the number of mailboxes covered.


The service requires minimal maintenance and operation.


We reduce incoming bandwidth utilization on your connectivity.

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Why Deda?

Versatility – Our services adapt to all customer network architectures and topologies.

Professionalism and Expertise – We are specialized and certified on Cloud and Security technologies.

Never stand still – Our teams test each other in a continous improvement process.

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