Security Awareness


Training activities aimed at all your employees and users of IT services, with the purpose of educating them on the main threats and techniques of cyber attack and raising the level of awareness in the use of tools and handling of data.

Through the development of KPIs and specific reports we measure your performance to document the improvement achieved and define a possible corrective plan.

In detail

To improve security awareness, we use several methodologies that may include:

– Lecturer-led classroom or e-learning training sessions;
– Distribution and posting of illustrative materials within work spaces;
– internal competition;
– engagement platforms;
– Simulation of a phishing attack.

The goal of the service is to raise staff awareness of safety issues and the consequences of unsafe behavior in the use of IT tools, measuring the maturity of users and defining the necessary safety education actions.

Frequent use cases

Bridging the regulatory gap – Regulations regarding “best practices” that companies must implement when it comes to cybersecurity are constantly updating. Therefore, it is important to stay up-to-date and informed about the activities to be performed to avoid fines or onerous penalties.

Reduce entry points for cyber crimin als – Much of the illicit activities carried out by cyber criminals, find their way into companies through negligence and human error. Analyzing and measuring the cybersecurity maturity of their staff allows them to define ad hoc training activities and increase the awareness of their users.


We provide you with a deeper understanding of the attack vectors and purpose of cyber criminals.


We measure the maturity of your users and define the necessary safety education actions through analysis of the results obtained.


Reduce the risk of suffering a cyber attack caused by distracting activities of your employees.


We provide certified lecturers and experts on cyber security topics.


Content is always updated as major attack scenarios evolve.


We securely manage information from users in line with corporate security standards.

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Why Deda?

Experience – Experienced professionals certified on the use of methodologies, best practices, standards and laws.

Consulting – We use the expertise of the consulting vertical Axym to support clients in their choices.

Accuracy – We conduct objective analysis according to the most suitable paradigms.

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