Risk Assessment


The service for determining your company’s level of risk exposure by identifying threats, probability of occurrence and impact, highlighting and prioritizing unattended risk areas.

We analyze the IT governance process, information security, physical security, user behaviors, and the use of IT tools and information.

The service includes the release of comprehensive documentation and reports with the goal of helping you define corrective actions to mitigate risk to your business.

In detail

The risks considered are those that are related to the company’s business and that could cause economic and/or material damage or loss such as to adversely affect profits, corporate competitiveness, or institutional image.

These may include computer accidents, natural disasters such as fires and floods, theft of goods, the interruption of operation of one or more production lines, etc.

We work on two strategic aspects of risk: impact and probability. On the one hand, we develop procedures aimed at reducing the negative consequences resulting from accidents and disasters related to a risk, and on the other hand, we implement activities, procedures, and/or technology aimed at eliminating or reducing as much as possible the probability associated with the risk.

Frequent use cases

Bridging the regulatory gap – Regulations regarding “best practices” that companies must implement when it comes to security are constantly updating. Therefore, it is important to stay up-to-date and informed about the activities to be performed to avoid fines or onerous penalties.

Reduce the impact and likelihood of risk – Being aware of your company’s level of risk exposure allows you to assess and anticipate possible negative impacts on data, business processes and the entire organization.

Save business

Protect your business by reducing the risk of suffering economic harm.


Our staff is certified on major regulatory frameworks and best practices.

Objective analysis

Consulting activities are appropriately documented with periodic deliverables to help you draft corrective plans.

CSP International

#Cloud #Management #SAP

Founded in the heart of Made in Italy hosiery, CSP International Fashion Group is one of the most important Italian manufacturers and distributors in the underwear industry.

The company decided to invest in the Cloud by relying on us and the management, expertise and professionalism of our experts, untying itself from the logic of renewal, to make its business dynamic and flexible.

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Why Deda?

  Experience – Experienced professionals certified on the use of methodologies, best practices, standards and laws.

  Consulting – We use the expertise of the consulting vertical Axym to support clients in their choices.  

Accuracy – We conduct objective analysis according to the most suitable paradigms.

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