Remote Vaulting


The service that secures backup data by replicating it remotely in a cloud space.

We support you in choosing and sizing the infrastructure, set up the appropriate cloud space to host the data, and verify that the process is working properly.

In detail

The service uses specific tools to backup and restore data related to the virtual environment, the Microsoft 365 environment (Email, Onedrive, Sharepoint), and user device data.

With a fully guided interface delivered from a dedicated web portal, the customer will be able to restore both individual files and entire virtual machines in complete autonomy.

The solution can leverage dedicated appliances to increase the efficiency of the remote replication process of active on-premise backups.

Data are transferred in deduplicated, differential and compressed modes.

It is possible to set up an initial backup target to limit the traffic needed for the first synchronization (seeding).

Frequent use cases

Invest with awareness – Using the cloud for backup allows you to secure yours with a simple and automated process, limiting investment and internet bandwidth usage for the process.

Don’t worry about space – Saving data on a delocalized virtual cloud environment frees your business from size and space constraints, providing flexibility and security.


We ensure that business activities can be resumed in case of loss or unavailability of business data.


Your data is encrypted, ensuring absolute secrecy.


The procedures for storing your data, outside the company, are automated.


Your data are transferred in deduplication, differential and compressed modes.


Restore your data completely independently but get support from our technicians when you need it.


Backup and retention are configurable . You can use the disk space according to your actual needs by paying a proportionate fee.

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