How RAD Informatica makes its services flexible and secure

Rad informatica has been in the banking and financial credit recovery software development business since 1999 , implementing solutions to offer automated tools that are highly adaptive to their clients’ contexts of use.

In particular, they target Banks and Financials, Insurance, Telco, Utilities, Retail and Public Administration, accompanying and facilitating companies in the complete management of the entire recovery process, thanks to the development of ad hoc modules with a view to scalability and simplification.

Turnover 2021

€ 14.2 mln



Italian NPL Market

Covered ≈80%.


RAD Informatica was born from the strategic fusion of expertise and decades of experience that guarantee the company a better time – to – market, dramatically decreasing the time to release new features.

The company takes an integrated approach, focusing on the ability to combine the purely technical dimension of analysis and development with a consultative methodology to give continuity and solidity to projects and to support clients in the full adoption of solutions and processes.

Each solution is in fact the result of continuous technological innovation and a strong customer orientation, characterized by the creation of tailor-made software, continuous technical assistance and support, along with the use of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

It is this business-oriented rationale and the desire to research increasingly innovative technologies that prompted RAD Informatica to revisit its cloud infrastructure.

The goal was to invest in a new solution that would allow them to both manage some business applications independently and free up their internal resources from tasks that were not their own by choosing a h24/7 day-a-week managed cloud .

In this way, RAD wanted to provide more flexibility to its customers while decreasing internal risk by entrusting the complete management of its cloud infrastructure to experienced and constantly updated personnel.

The project required a thorough study of the company’s existing infrastructure to then implement the migration, on the new managed cloud, of RAD’s 2 core applications and related clients.

In particular, we discuss:

1) EPC – knowledge management tool for operational management of problem loans and litigation.

2) CRENOPE -sharing tool of relevant events for the administrative and accounting area for the operators of the different Legal Units of the Banks.

Crucial Aspects

The imminent need for RAD Informatica combined with the flexibility of the proposed solution and the speed of implementation, decreed Deda Cloud, the Dedagroup’s Managed Cloud Service Provider, as the winning partner to carry out this project.

The choice of VMware technology helped Deda Cloud in developing a solution that was secure but at the same time provided autonomy to the customer, creating fully manageable network contexts in both the production and development environments.

Bringing the group together has made it possible to strengthen the transparency of the relationship between the companies and increase security for RAD Informatica’s clients.

In addition, the expertise and experience of the project team, enriched by the presence of the Virtual CTO, as an ad hoc consultant throughout the project study phase, and the SAM for the monitoring system, have shown RAD conscientiousness and ability to manage all project activities.

Deda Cloud has demonstrated flexibility, transparency and expertise, key elements that, combined with the use of VMware technology, have given us the confidence that we have entrusted our infrastructure and our customers to a reliable partner that can manage the service effectively. The added value we can guarantee our clients in terms of reliability and security allows us to devote ourselves exclusively to the core aspects of our business.

Vanes Bolandrini, Direttore Generale - RAD Informatica


and solution

The project was structured with an initial phase of assessment and monitoring of the infrastructure in the company, to understand the work done so far, eliminating any errors and identifying possible points of improvement. Next came the onboarding phase, a crucial moment where the information gathered up to that point was realized and any corrections implemented.

Finally, we focused on service enhancements by talking with RAD’s application staff and leveraging some services, for the management of unstructured data, already present in the Deda Cloud datacenter, which enabled efficient consolidation of RAD’s file systems in a pay-per-use mode (right price per right tier of data).

While to date, Deda Cloud and RAD are in the modernization phase, where together they define the evolution of applications to make new services transparent and usable.

RAD Informatica was then able to move backup away from production, with a DR system deployed on an adversarial Availability Zone (AZ) hundreds of KM from the primary AZ.

At the same time, it has enhanced security in the enterprise with firewall and web application firewall solutions that ensure the security of its networked applications and microsegmentation with VMware’s NSX technology that enables implicit security configuration.

The final solution implemented is a hybrid formula, where the two areas, communicating with each other, include:

The production environment managed entirely by Deda Cloud with a VMware Managed IaaS and NSX service that enables network virtualization and enables microsegmentation.

The development environment, self-managed to the customer with a IaaS service and the VMware Cloud Director solution, where the customer has a console and is autonomous in developing their own systems with a basket of resources to use.

Specifically, microsegmentation allows boundaries to be defined within the same network, leaving central management transparent with NSX controller technology, the heart of this network project.

Each client has a dedicated space in RAD’s network, and in the event of an attack of a specific area, it will not be possible to access the other areas in the network unless indicated by the previously defined rules.

With this technology, the customer can then identify traffic flows between different applications and provide advanced security protected by different levels of firewall: firewall – WAF – NSX.

The solution enables RAD to achieve standardization of its services, which identifies customer needs as sizes of a simple mesh: small, medium, large. Customers then purchase the service tailored to their needs, thereby also speeding up the entry and implementation of services for future new customers.

Two were the winning elements of the proposed solution:

1) The flexibility of Deda Cloud’s offerings, which made it possible to find the perfect solution for the customer;

2) The quality and potential of the VMware technologies chosen for the project, which guarantee microsegmentation, autonomy and security.

Solution developed in close collaboration with


Launching first DR system by moving data from infrastructure in ITAS to Deda Cloud datacenter in Trenton, Italy


Creation of the official DR system in the Deda Cloud datacenter in Rome


New DR simulation following a revisiting of the related infrastructure


Upgrading and adapting the technologies present on the DR site in Rome with development of new projects, including on the cybersecurity side


RAD Informatica can now guarantee its clients flexibility and responsiveness, key elements to remain competitive in the market and guarantee the time – to – market that sets them apart, creating added value to its services.

A fast-growing company like RAD needed standardization of services in order to manage the offering more flexibly and be ready to meet all the needs of new customers.

In addition, the company was able to balance the level of autonomy and management of its infrastructure, enhanced by continuous monitoring of possible infrastructure vulnerabilities by competent and experienced personnel focused on this activity.

Security is thus ensured on several fronts, both because in case of infrastructural vulnerability this is independent of the application system, and because the structure is divided into several layers and controlled by flow rules that isolate areas in the same network.

RAD Informatica has thus achieved its goals:

Production environments are fully managed by a competent and experienced partner, reducing internal risk and freeing up valuable time for its resources.

– They have increased flexibility in the company, by standardizing their services they can make strategic choices at speed and follow a common go – to – market path.

– It has focused on effective investments, for the same cost, services and security in the company have increased.

Key elements of the success of this project were the transparency between the companies, which allowed them to define goals immediately and work together for a common result, and the innovation of the solutions offered by VMware, which allow the company to achieve high levels of security while minimizing risks.

At the same time, Deda Cloud has demonstrated versatility and professionalism, highlighting that it can handle complex projects in a short time and fully follow the client’s needs.

RAD Informatica can now aim for exponential business growth thanks to the flexibility of its services, growth that will be accompanied by continuous investment and technological improvements, in which Deda Cloud aims to participate to support it in implementing increasingly innovative solutions for its clients.

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