Private Intranet

Multicloud & Infrastructure

Interconnect your company’s locations at home and abroad quickly and easily, improving collaboration and business operations.

We are able to satisfy every communication need thanks to the flexibility of our offer that integrates the network services, infrastructures and technologies of the main Italian telcos.

In detail

The offering is based on the VPN MPLS (Virtual Private Network – Multiprotocol Label Switching) technology implemented on the dedicated infrastructure of our partner carriers; therefore, we can build architectures, any-to-any, scalable and flexible by providing multiple access technologies, fixed and wireless, using copper, fiber, mobile networks and guaranteeing complete territorial coverage in national borders and beyond. 

The service is fully managed and assisted by our staff who provide timely intervention in the event of a malfunction of a line or network equipment present at the company’s premises. 

Additional components can be added to the offer:
Monitoring services-to enable monitoring of link quality and detect possible malfunction, degradation or inefficiency.
Public IP addresses – to enable the publication on the Internet of active services in corporate networks. 

Frequent use cases

Uniting one’s locations wherever they are – Using VPN connectivity allows one to interconnect corporate locations, spread throughout Italy and abroad, in complete security.

Operability and efficiency – Using a private intranet service allows you to ensure your company, fast and reliable connectivity, while maintaining the same performance and operating in total security.

Manage data traffic – The use of a VPN network makes it possible to implement services where its qualities need to be defined in order to protect “privileged” traffic.


We interconnect your sites with the technology and architecture best suited to your needs.


We guarantee you 24-hour support and monitoring of the efficiency of network connections and equipment, minimizing downtime in case of failure.

Ad hoc

We identify the best solution, on the market, for your need.


The service provides guaranteed bandwidth connectivity.

Data access

You can securely publish your services by making them reachable from the outside.


Connectivity is realized on the carrier partner’s private backbone.

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Why Deda?

Professionalism and Expertise – We are specialized and certified on Cloud and Security technologies.

Experience – We are able to overcome obstacles and handle the most complex projects.

Ethics – We believe in multicloud approach and data culture.

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