NAS as a Service

Multicloud & Infrastructure

A fully dedicated Network Attached Storage (NAS) component, in as-a-service and ready-to-use mode, to store your data directly in your business.

It is an extension of our datacenter, we use our own technologies, manage them as if you were in our cloud, and at any time, if you want, you can turn your cloud@Home into cloud@Deda.

In detail

Our scale-out NAS device is delivered inside a rack and sized according to your current and future needs.

Chosen from the best technologies on the market, the device is capable of:

Support any workload-choosing different technologies (all-flash, hybrid or storage nodes), through simultaneous access with different protocols.
Scaling – takes advantage of vertical and horizontal scalability by integrating new components seamlessly.
Protect data -data are replicated on different nodes ensuring their availability.

The service includes monitoring, malfunction management, initial and subsequent configuration to keep the equipment in constant efficiency.

Frequent use cases

Avoiding infrastructure overprovisioning – Purchasing a fully managed NAS component enables continuous monitoring of storage metrics, reducing the need for overprovisioning for unplanned capacity peaks.

Create a resilient, responsive and optimized infrastructure – The market demands that companies be quick to react; the better they optimize their environment, the more ready they are to deal with change. Serving storage space on an as-a-service basis allows companies to align their storage requirements with business dynamics, while being able to rely on vertical scalability as needed.


The service is inclusive of each component and each management activity.

Close to you

The NAS device is located directly in your company.


We take you step by step through cloud adoption.

Opex vs Capex

Have dedicated storage while limiting investment costs.


NAS composition is customized according to your needs.


Our staff is knowledgeable, certified and constantly trained to ensure that you always receive answers that are appropriate to your requirements and in line with your technologies.

Why Deda?

– Ethics – We believe in multicloud approach and data culture.

– Innovation – We work with vendors on the creation of new services useful to the market.

– Made in Italy – Data centers are on Italian soil, which is ideal in terms of compliance and accountability.

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