ManS for Stealth

Managed Services

The service that allows you to delegate the management of the Stealth Platform environment, with 24-hour support.

It will be our job to govern, prevent and resolve malfunctions, manage changes, and monitor the proper functioning of your platform, ensuring professionalism and expertise that is always aligned with the technological changes your IT environment is subject to.

We operate from our locations, but we manage your environments wherever they are: in our cloud (@Deda) or in your cloud (@Home).

In detail

The service includes:

– Systematic DB management;
– DB configuration changes;
– System support required by activities on the DB;
– Systemic management of backup and restore procedures;
– Stealth application services restart;
– Monitoring;
– Update Minor DB patch.

Frequent use cases

Sharing responsibilities – Using a specific platform such as Stealth3000 requires defined skills and complex tasks that you should entrust to experienced and up-to-date staff to minimize the risk of managing the platform, define the best solution for your needs, and ensure continuity of your business.

Save money by investing–Purchasing a service as an operating cost allows you to dilute spending while respecting corporate budget limits.

Group collaboration

We work closely with Dedagroup Stealth ensuring you have integrated application and systems management.


Have a Stealth environment that is always optimized in terms of performance and functionality.


Our staff is knowledgeable, certified and constantly trained to ensure that you always receive answers that are appropriate to your requirements and in line with your technologies.

Always by your side

You can take advantage of the 24-hour technical support service.


Our service is always adherent and proportionate to your needs, so you can plan your expenses with certainty 

Dedicate yourself to your business

We take care of every technical-operational activity and management risk, so you can focus on the activities that create value for your business.

Related services

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Do you know the vulnerabilities of your Stealth platform?

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Want to extend the service to your databases for full platform-wide management?

ManS for AIX/Linux on Power?

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Why Deda?

– Clear references – Each customer is assigned a highly specialized technician who follows up with him or her at all times.

– Professionalism & Expertise – We are specialized and certified on Cloud and Security technologies.

– Experience – We have been operating for 20 years with a group from which we draw market and application expertise.

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