ManS for Data Protection

Managed Services

We follow you in managing, preventing and resolving failures related to the Backup/Restore platform by implementing the backup plan and constantly monitoring its proper execution.

Optionally, you can request, directly from our technicians, the provision of the hardware and software infrastructure of the Backup environment.

In detail

The service includes:

– Management of malfunctions related to the rescue platform.
– Resolution of performance issues.
– Changing the basic parameters of the rescue plan.
– Optimization of the rescue plan.
– Performing Restore activities.
– Supporting the Client in drafting and maintaining Backup plans.
– Performing periodic Restore tests.

Frequent use cases

Increase business flexibility-Using a service that allows you to securely define, test and modify backup and restore plans allows you to follow your company’s needs in line with its expansion.

Compensate for skill shortage – Deda Cloud allows you to be ready and supported in case of out-of-ordinary platform failures.


You are always assured of your data being saved and restored if needed.


Our service is always adherent and proportionate to your needs.

Control the risk

Minimizes management risk by transferring responsibility to us.

Dedicate yourself to your business

We take care of every technical-operational activity, so you can focus on the activities that create value for your business.

Always by your side

You can take advantage of our 24-hour technical support service.


Our staff is knowledgeable, certified and constantly trained to ensure that you always receive answers that are appropriate to your requirements and in line with your technologies.

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Why Deda?

Clear referrals – Each client is assigned a highly specialized technician who follows up with them at all times.

Professionalism & Expertise – We are specialized and certified on Cloud and Security technologies.

Never stand still – Our teams test each other in a continous improvement process.

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