Managed IaaS

Multicloud & Infrastructure

The service that makes available virtual servers sized according to your needs.  

Workloads are hosted on a scalable, state-of-the-art virtualization platform on which you can activate the applications you need for your business. We fully take care of the operating system of your virtual servers, relieving you from managing all the daily tasks, changes and possible emergencies. 

In detail

The service includes:
– The fully redundant virtualization platform on which the servers operate.
– Thebackup infrastructure, to perform data backup and restoration.
Server protection components .
– The monitoring of virtual systems .

Optionally, Disaster Recovery service can be added at one of our alternative data centers.

Frequent use cases

Compensate for skill shortage – Deda Cloud allows you to co-source management of your virtual infrastructure. 

Investing within budget – Equipping yourself with a virtual data center allows you to avoid large investments when finances do not allow it. 

31 customers


of the service


Fully entrust us with your management risk; we will monitor, manage and update your operating system.


Our architecture is set up to ensure data protection and isolation of our customers’ environments.


Through regular meetings with our experts, the service is monitored and continuously updated in line with your needs.


Our experts in the Cloud World (SAM) will guide you by studying the best strategies for your business.


Our architecture is scalable, resilient, and up-to-date, ensuring that your fee is commensurate with your growth.

Ready to go

Our solution is turnkey.

ITAS Mutual

#DisasterRecovery #DELLTechnologies #Partnership.

ITAS Mutua is the parent company of the ITAS Insurance Group and has been protecting its insured members since 1821 by providing the best possible insurance service and contributing to community development.

Deda Cloud together with Dell Technologies has implemented a Disaster Recovery solution that can support the heterogeneity of technologies, protect the large amount of data governed and ensure business continuity.

RAD Informatica

#Management #Security #VMware #Partnership.

Since 1999 RAD Informatica has been accompanying and facilitating companies in the complete management of the entire bank and financial credit recovery process, developing automated and ad hoc software solutions for its clients.

With Deda Cloud, it decided to revisit its Cloud infrastructure by investing in a hybrid solution: IaaS & Managed IaaS, replicated with DR system and supported by VMware technologies that ensure network microsegmentation, autonomy and security.

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Why Deda?

Ethics – We believe in multicloud approach and data culture.

– Innovation – We work with vendors on the creation of new services useful to the market.

Made in Italy – Data centers are on Italian soil, which is ideal in terms of compliance and accountability.

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