Lan Access Control


The security system that manages and controls device access to the corporate network. It verifies and authorizes access to known devices, manages occasional users as guests/collaborators, and is able to report presence or instantly block any communication the moment an unknown device is connected to the network.

We improve security, appropriately control access to the corporate computer network, and simplify operations according to your needs and the level of security you desire.

In detail

The LAC service can operate in two modes: active and passive.

Passive mode, allows detection and census of all devices, network topology, and location of hosts.

Instead, in active mode, unauthorized devices are virtually and instantaneously isolated from the network upon access.

Network access permissions are managed through an easy-to-use console that tracks each event and reports anomalies with an alert system.

LAC is available as a physical or virtual appliance, requires no client installations or network modifications, and enables multisite management by implementing a hierarchical architecture.

Frequent use cases

Mitigating the risks of businesses most susceptible to local threats – Certain types of businesses are particularly more susceptible to attack vectors from the internal network, especially when they are large organizations or have a widespread presence. Lowering the risks of a business’ most peculiar attack vectors often means getting out of the most efficient cost cases for attackers

Decide with whom to share your network – Having a LAC security system makes it easy to control access to devices, even when access occurs in locations without IT garrison.

Optimize cost and time – Completely blocking communication to unknown devices involves network access control (NAC) solutions that are very complex to govern without specific expertise.


We control device access to the internal network.


Our service is non-invasive and agent-free on endpoints.

Minimum Operation

The service is suitable for unmanned sites.


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Agile work brings companies face the need for greater security and centrality in managing the network and its users.

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