Multicloud & Infrastructure

A cloud platform placed in our Tier 4 data centers with which you can independently build and manage a dedicated virtual data center.

With IaaS you always have a set of computational, storage, and network resources with which to build and set up an IT infrastructure that is suitable for hosting your applications and that allows you to work, test, and give access to your applications quickly and freely.

In detail

Resources at hand:
Compute – RAM and CPU resources, dedicated or shared.
Storage – fast, high-performance memory in 50GB denominations.
Network – Internet access on the redundant data center for resilient access to services.
Security – possibility of associating a next generation firewall component with the service, managed by our staff.
Licensing-ability to equip oneself with the most popular commercial operating system and database licenses.

The VMware Cloud Director console is provided for management from which you can:
– freely build the virtual infrastructure
– Govern and control its operation
– Make changes to the virtual data center so that it can be adhered to at all times.

Optional features are available for saving and restoring data in virtual servers via a backup component built into the platform. The infrastructure is set up to ensure data protection, data availability and isolation of individual client environments.

Frequent use cases

Investing by winning over the CFO – Equipping yourself with a virtual data center allows you to avoid excessive financial commitments in times of turmoil or when you don’t want to commit too much cash.

Product development with efficiency – A virtual infrastructure is the ideal development and testing environment where doing and undoing can be done quickly and freely. When your project is ready to scale, you can replicate the virtual infrastructure instantly.


You can shape the IT environment according to your needs and manage it with complete freedom.


Our data centers are designed for maximum infrastructure availability (rating4 ANSI/TIA 942-A).


Our architecture is scalable and the fee is proportionate to your growth.


The operating-cost model allows for dilution of spending, so large investments are not needed.

Certain cost

You can plan your expenses with certainty while sticking to your business budget.

Technology Upgrade

Our infrastructure is always updated and periodically adapted to new IT trends.


RAD Informatica

#Management #Security #VMware #Partnership.

Since 1999 RAD Informatica has been accompanying and facilitating companies in the complete management of the entire bank and financial credit recovery process, developing automated and ad hoc software solutions for its clients.

With Deda Cloud, it decided to revisit its Cloud infrastructure by investing in a hybrid solution: IaaS & Managed IaaS, replicated with DR system and supported by VMware technologies that ensure network microsegmentation, autonomy and security.

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Why Deda?

Ethics – We believe in multicloud approach and data culture.

Innovation – We work with vendors on the creation of new services useful to the market.

Made in Italy – Data centers are on Italian soil, which is ideal in terms of compliance and accountability.

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