Firewall as a Service


Remote provision and management of perimeter security systems to protect your IT infrastructure. Build an effective cyber threat defense system by taking advantage of the best network security technologies and the support of our specialists, who take direct action on management systems by helping your IT staff.

With increasing levels of service delegation, you can relieve your IT team of all the tasks necessary for security systems to function properly, while still maintaining governance and access to security device management systems.

In detail

The service provides a management console to improve perimeter security control and identify security anomalies or alarms in real time.

Our devices use state-of-the-art technology with features of firewall, vpn, antivirus, intrusion detection system, web filtering, traffic analysis.

The staff dedicated to the service is specialized and certified in technology, with many years of operational experience in the field and in managing complex architectures.

Frequent use cases

Segment the skillset – If your team has predominantly application or systems skills, delegating important security tasks can speed up the work and improve the outcome.

Adapting to the new ubiquity of business systems – The perimeter of new technologies expands with speed, and only a team as large and experienced as ours can govern the new scenarios effectively from day zero.


The service ensures timely system updates with patches and security releases.


Delegate to our experts, all periodic activities necessary to ensure the proper functioning and performance of the perimeter security system.


We guarantee you daily backup of configurations and policies.


Simplified management with a multi-site collaborative console.


Get extremely detailed and elaborate analytical reports on activities and surveys.

Focus IT

It minimizes distractions for your IT team so they can focus on the activities and services that bring value to your business.


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The market is pushing companies to make increasingly effective defense systems.

CCM has recognized in Deda Cloud security, continuity and support, which are essential for a business that supports the food industry, active 365 days a year.


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Agile work brings companies face the need for greater security and centrality in managing the network and its users.

E-Pharma invested in technology and awareness of its resources thanks to Deda Cloud, which promptly, competently and confidently implemented a strategic solution for the company..


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MD is among the most dynamic retailers in Italian large-scale retail, a business that runs fast, always on, geographically distributed and among the Italian pioneers also in e-commerce, with a portal dedicated to non-food.

RAD Informatica

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Since 1999 RAD Informatica has been accompanying and facilitating companies in the complete management of the entire bank and financial credit recovery process, developing automated and ad hoc software solutions for its clients.

With Deda Cloud, it decided to revisit its Cloud infrastructure by investing in a hybrid solution: IaaS & Managed IaaS, replicated with DR system and supported by VMware technologies that ensure network microsegmentation, autonomy and security.

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Why Deda?

Versatility – Our services adapt to all customer network architectures and topologies.

Professionalism and Expertise – We are specialized and certified on Cloud and Security technologies.

Never stand still – Our teams test each other in a continous improvement process.

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