Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.A. renews, consolidates and scales up

Fidia is an Italian company, operating in the pharmaceutical sector, with a solid national base and a strong international focus, thanks to its constant investment in research and development.

Innovation is at the core of Fidia’s strategy of maintaining consistent product quality and reliability for the improvement of patients’ health and quality of life.

People’s health is his true passion!

2020 Turnover

+300 mln



Global presence

+100 countries


For more than 75 years, Fidia has been among the world’s leading companies in the production of hyaluronic acid products; it is characterized by complete control of the supply chain, from research to marketing, which is why it calls itself a fully integrated company.

The company faces the market every day with passion, developing high value-added therapeutic solutions to adequately respond to new health and wellness challenges.

To comply with these principles while ensuring effectiveness and safety, Fidia invests in its production capabilities by selecting new technologies, improving existing ones, and increasing its production flexibility.

Meeting these standards requires an ongoing commitment, but more importantly, an appropriate partner to accompany the company toward high-level goals.

Hence the need for Fidia to revamp its IT infrastructure, based on traditional technology, by switching to a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution to simplify the management of its IT environment and improve future scalability.

The goal was to implement high-reliability logic, distributed across two sites, within the same Abano campus.

With this solution, Fidia is investing in the future by laying the groundwork for new Disaster Recovery projects that are critical in today’s market.

The ideal partner had to be perfectly familiar with the technologies of the pre-existing infrastructure, propose a reliable solution, have availability in the choice of hardware, know the business reality and be flexible.

All features in line with Deda Cloud’s operations. In particular, the deep knowledge of the infrastructural part, the subject of the technical analysis, combined with the excellent support that Deda Cloud has shown to Fidia over the years and the constant presence of the Nutanix vendor during the analysis phases, made us natural interlocutors for the implementation of Fidia’s project.

The customer focus and listening-oriented approach that Deda Cloud had in the design phase really impressed me. The specialists who followed us showed professionalism and great humanity, helping us to define the best solution for our needs. We are really satisfied!

Enrico Ponchio, Infrastructure Manager - Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.A.


and solution

Deda Cloud’s proposal is the result of analysis, listening and collaboration with the customer and the Nutanix vendor.

The project team defined the client’s goal, accompanying the client through the various implementation steps and smoothly overcoming the obstacles that arose.

Fundamental was the human, continuous and direct relationship with the technicians, who followed the customer’s requests, accompanying them step by step.

Our technical team acted expeditiously, conveying confidence and full control of the situation. In addition, good teamwork between Deda Cloud and the vendor Nutanix enabled the release of the new production system ahead of schedule.

Two were the winning elements:

1) The extreme ease of use of the Nutanix architecture, which allows complete control of the infrastructure;

2) The presence of Deda Cloud as a supplier at all stages: a guarantee of the safe success of the project.


Launching Managed Services for infrastructure management


Launching the first project to renew its IT infrastructure


Fidia revamps its IT infrastructure again with support from Deda Cloud


The client immediately felt the quality of the result enabled a smoother experience, improving productivity.

The machines achieved their goals faster and greatly improved business performance by combining the Nutanix solution with next-generation technology.

Now Phidias has achieved its goals:

– Renew the technologies in the company;
– Enable a high reliability solution;
– Be ready for an ‘evolution in terms of Disaster Recovery;
– Increasing business productivity;
– Adhere to its principles in terms of Quality, Innovation and Competitiveness.

Combining preparation, listening, helpfulness, and collaboration led to a quality result that fully reflects the customer’s needs and strengthens the relationship between Deda Cloud and Fidia.

Our goal for the future is to still support Fidia in its renewal projects and be its point of reference for maintaining safety and innovation in the company.

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