EManS for SAP

Enterprise Managed Platform

The service that takes you through the implementation of infrastructure as a service, managed by our staff and specialized in SAP environments, the market leader in administration, finance and control ERP solutions.

The Deda group’s entire close collaboration with Derga, SAP’s top partner, ensures that the service has the highest standards of service and a direct and privileged dialogue with the application partner, which is often key to shortening the time of any intervention.

In detail

The service provides:

– A platform engineered to host SAP environments in our data center. The choice of specific technology components enabled us to achieve SAP certification of the platform.
– The professionalism of our certified staff to manage application components (application servers, databases, application modules): we govern, monitor prevent and resolve malfunctions and manage changes for the proper functioning of enterprise landscapes.
– All components of the platform are redundant to enable landscapes to operate even in the event of hardware or software failure.
– The ability to enable replication of environments on one of our secondary sites to ensure maximum continuity of service even in the event of high-impact events that disrupt the operation of the primary site.

Frequent use cases

Minimize unnecessary investment – The use of an engineered platform with certified technology designed specifically for one’s business needs allows one to avoid oversizing the infrastructure in view of the company’s growth over time.

Increasing the quality of the infrastructure – Relying on SAP-certified personnel ensures high-performance and reliable infrastructure design, setup and management, optimizing costs and meeting the company’s budget.

57 customers


of the service

Guaranteed performance

You can take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies fully managed and controlled by our technicians, with 24-hour support.


Particularly fast and ready-to-use set-up time of environments.


Our staff is knowledgeable, certified and constantly trained to ensure that you always receive answers that are appropriate to your requirements and in line with your technologies.

Direct report

We are your one-stop shop, guaranteeing specialized service dedicated to your needs.


Our service is always adhered to and proportionate to your needs, so you can plan your expenses with certainty while respecting your business budget.

Dedicate yourself to your business

We take care of every technical-operational activity and management risk, so you can focus on the activities that create value for your business.


#Infrastructure #Management

Quality, experience and expertise are the hallmarks of Carraro’s strategic activities.

Deda Cloud was able to understand the value of this, accompanying the client in the implementation of a secure and managed infrastructure that enriches the company’s technological innovation.

CSP International

#Cloud #Management #SAP

Founded in the heart of Made in Italy hosiery, CSP International Fashion Group is one of the most important Italian manufacturers and distributors in the underwear industry.

The company decided to invest in the Cloud by relying on us and the management, expertise and professionalism of our experts, untying itself from the logic of renewal, to make its business dynamic and flexible.

ITAS Mutual

#DisasterRecovery #DELLTechnologies #Partnership.

ITAS Mutua is the parent company of the ITAS Insurance Group and has been protecting its insured members since 1821 by providing the best possible insurance service and contributing to community development.

Deda Cloud together with Dell Technologies has implemented a Disaster Recovery solution that can support the heterogeneity of technologies, protect the large amount of data governed and ensure business continuity.

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Why Deda?

Clear referrals – Each client is assigned a highly specialized technician who follows up with them at all times.

Professionalism & Expertise – We are specialized and certified on Cloud and Security technologies.

Experience – We have been operating for 20 years with a group from which we draw market and application expertise.

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