E-Pharma accelerates its in house security

Recognized nationally and internationally, E-Pharma is a pharmaceutical company operating in the field of CDMOs (Contract Development Manufacturing Organization).

Specializing in the study, licensing and production of oral solid formulations, the company is an international benchmark for the development and manufacture of high quality drugs and dietary supplements.

E-Pharma’s mission is to ensure quality, sustainability and safety of its products. The company pays special attention to the entire production cycle, striving to reduce environmental impact and investing in new technologies that enable it to respond to market demands and maintain a high level of safety in the company.


40 mln






A company operating in the pharmaceutical industry has to respond to very stringent regulations and standards.E-Pharma has decades of experience in developing its products and constantly invests in R&D, a key element in staying competitive in the market. In addition, its operations are guaranteed by a robust and integrated quality system involving the entire production chain, from study to product realization and distribution.

In today’s scenario, it is not enough for companies to ensure the quality of their strategic business, but they need a broader perspective of all elements that can affect the business, including external factors.

With this market-oriented vision, E-Pharma decided to invest on its IT technology and structure by achieving a high quality standard even in terms of IT and business security in a broader sense.

Thus arose the need to control, from a single environment, the activities performed by users, increasing one’s awareness of possible actions and allowing access to one’s networks only to controlled and secure users.

The advent of the pandemic has led to a necessary and sudden reorganization of work, speeding up the adoption of telecommuting, which is often implemented in a reckless and disorganized manner thus introducing the risk of cyber attacks on companies’ strategic activities.

Instead, E-Pharma has chosen to aim higher, that is, to secure its users both when they work inside the premises and when they leave the company perimeter, providing properly protected tools and increasing awareness of their actions, finally also investing in training considering the human factor.

When implementing solutions related to a company’s cybersecurity, the key element is trust. In fact, E-Pharma was looking for a partner to whom it could fully entrust its technologies transparently and quickly.

We at Deda Cloud responded immediately to the company’s need, once again confirming the mutual esteem, a key to a lasting relationship.

Ourfunctional, operational, and timely approach, combined with the mix of technology and expertise that distinguishes our services, has enabled us to gain the confidence to support E-Pharma in its strategic and business growth.

What we look for in our partners is trust. Deda Cloud won us over thanks to the expertise and helpfulness of its staff who managed to make even the most complex implementations simple.

Daniele Bianchi, Responsabile IT - E-Pharma


and solution

The historicity of Deda Cloud as a corporate partner, the knowledge of the modus operandi and the proposed product, allowed us to enhance our presence in E-Pharma. Promptly we understood and defined the Client’s needs by presenting a viable, quality solution in line with the company’s characteristics.

E-Pharma had already subscribed to a Firewall service with features and policies by which it can control all traffic to and from the ‘company. With this project, the solution was enriched with VPN client functionality. E-Pharma in this way has a defined number of concurrent users generating VPN connections for telecommuting users.

Similarly, software was installed that would enable the company to enable various functions, driven by the cloud dashboard, and define the activities performed by users connected to the network. In addition, a Crowdstrike component has been added to monitor what is happening in terms of malware in computer memory, supported by the Managed Detection and Response service on the installed EDR.

The Client had the opportunity to test the technology and support services directly on their own systems. Demos were created to see in the field, operating in a protected environment, how the proposed solution worked, noting and confirming the product’s ease of use, awareness of its usefulness and validity.

The growth of Deda Cloud with the acquisition of IFInet has given E-Pharma greater assurance of the validity of the choice made, as the combination of skills and experience translates for the Client into greater knowledge, support and solidity of the partner. E-Pharma thus invested in timeliness, confirmed by a fast implementation time of the solution, and trust, given by mutual support and esteem that allowed continuity of business.

Two were the winning elements:

1) The quality of the proposed solution , guaranteed by our experience and evaluation;

2) The availability and competence of technicians who handled and solved every question throughout the project phase.

2008 – 2010

Revamping of all enterprise Networking components and activation of Firewall as a Service.


Activation of LAC service and provision of Cloud@home infrastructure.


Infrastructure as a service implementation: Backup as a service.


Cybersecurity project on workstations supported by H24 Managed Detection and Response service on the installed EDR.


E-Pharma was immediately able to appreciate the effectiveness and efficiency of the new systems: the solution brought out important vulnerability situations to be analyzed and controlled, providing keys through alerts or reports that allow to historicize activities and know everything that is happening inside the workstation. In this way, the Client is now able to understand and be aware of what is happening in their networks and on each individual machine, preparing for any event.

The solution unified and centralized the management of users by making the company more secure. In addition, the support obtained from the Managed Detection and Response service allows for monthly reports that relieve the Client of some of the tasks of monitoring and managing any anomalies, increasing corporate security.

E-Pharma has achieved its goals:

Increase control and management of the enterprise network ;

Have awareness of the tools and active users in the company;

Secure workstations both in-person and remotely.

Uniform and centralize user management.

Relying on competent and certified personnel has made E-Pharma more operational and efficient, offloading on the one hand, its IT staff of some monitoring and updating activities, but increasing on the other, the perimeter of devices used and controlled, useful to support strategic business activities.

E-Pharma has thus made a need born out of a moment of emergency, an opportunity to grow technologically and strategically, implementing a solution that will remain continuous in the company. In us at Deda Cloud, he found the trusted partner with whom to implement a major change to his business in a timely and seamless manner.

The future goal is to continue together to study and build the business strategy to successfully marry the Cloud and Cybersecurity worlds.

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