Dedicated Service

Multicloud & Infrastructure

We carry out integrated projects that aim to build ad hoc solutions for our clients, center their goals and meet their specific needs.

You will then be free to choose the solution that best meets your infrastructure needs by taking advantage of the best technologies in the IT world.

In detail

We can count on a large portfolio of market-leading vendors and partners, with whom we have developed long-established partnerships, along with enterprise- and individual-scale certification programs.

We have been operating for more than 20 years in this field specializing in solutions:
– Servers and hyperconvergents
– IBMi
– Storage
– Networking (switching & routing)
– Cyber security
– Infrastructure software (Operating systems, Databases, etc.).
– Enterprise Software (SAP, Stealth, Piteco)

The professionalism and expertise of our staff will follow all stages, from design to implementation and management of the proposed solution.

Frequent use cases

Fulfilling impossible requests-Deda Cloud’s technological and professional availability allows you to be heard, finding the right solution for your every need.

Sharing new challenges-Relying on a competent and professional staff, such as ours, allows you to be followed step by step in each new project, ensuring continuous support and quality in implementation.

Ad hoc

We identify the best solution, on the market, for your every need.


We conduct objective analysis of customer needs.


Our professionals are certified and experienced in cybersecurity and IT dynamics.


You can count on an extensive portfolio of partners and technologies.


Suitable for all public and private companies of all sizes and sectors.


We have great experience in gradual transitions to the cloud, should I one day think about it. 

Success stories

Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.A.






Allitude S.p.A.


Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.A.

#Infrastructure #Management #Scalability

Fidia chooses Deda Cloud to renew its infrastructure, simplify its management and improve its future scalability.

A strategic choice to face with solidity and confidence the challenges that the health and wellness market offers today.


#Infrastructure #Management #SAP

Quality, experience and expertise are the hallmarks of Carraro’s strategic activities.

Deda Cloud was able to understand the value of this, accompanying the client in the implementation of a secure and managed infrastructure that enriches the company’s technological innovation.


#Growth #Resilience #Partnership.

MD is among the most dynamic retailers in Italian large-scale retail, a business that runs fast, always on, geographically distributed and among the Italian pioneers also in e-commerce, with a portal dedicated to non-food.

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Why Deda?

KM 0 – We cover the territory of Italy allowing our technicians to be operational from the nearest location.

Professionalism and Expertise – We are specialized and certified on Cloud and Security technologies.

Experience – We are able to overcome obstacles and handle the most complex projects.

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