Dynamism and Cloud:
the challenge of
CSP International

CSP International Fashion Group is among the most important Italian manufacturers in the underwear sector and an international manufacturing hub with its 8 specialized brands that cater to different markets.

CSP International has based its success on innovation and production capacity, investing every day in the company’s mission to satisfy the most demanding international consumers by offering the highest quality products. A great innovator in the core business of hosiery, CSP has been able to diversify its offerings into underwear, bodywear, and beachwear for both women and men, bringing in these new commodities as well digitization, technological evolution and a planet-friendly business system.

Turnover 2021

91 mln

Employees 2021


Worldwide distribution

40 countries


Founded in 1973 in Ceresana (MN) in the hosiery district, where much of Europe’s hosiery production is made, CSP International Fashion Group began its activities as manufacturer of women’s hosiery, to now operate in the production and distribution of legwear, underwear, bodywear and beachwear for both men and women.

The growth of the business allowed the company to acquire major brands over time that covered different market needs, making the business dynamic and ready to distribute a differentiated range of the best quality products.

Research, technological and stylistic innovation underpin all production, which focuses on the value of Made in Italy and sustains high productivity cycles that reach 30 million pairs of pantyhose annually. A volume that requires more attention in the automation of the production cycle and the technologies used to ensure continuous distribution in more than 40 countries around the world, with focus in Italy and France.

CSP’s dynamism has caused the company to flexibly meet new market challenges and look toward new solutions that enable the business to respond more quickly to new needs.

Hence the need for CSP to Untying itself from the logic of renewing its hardware infrastructure e increase the elasticity of sizing of its SAP infrastructure, targeting cloud solutions that ensure service elasticity, thus the ability to scale in different solutions, and greater infrastructural freedom, freeing itself from the constraint of technology and software upgrading.

At the same time, the company decided to delegate both infrastructural and application management to an external partner to support strong business development and focus internal staff on all those activities that are key to the growth of the brand and the group.

To achieve a solution that would respect the speed of growth of its business, the ideal partner had to guarantee expertise, experience and reliability, but also flexibility and dynamism, points in common with CSP’s business.

Deda Cloud was able to demonstrate the strengths of its offering by accompanying the customer toward the migration of its on prem SAP Hana infrastructure to cloud environments. Solution that the company had already assumed it would head toward given the strong business development and flexibility it provides as a service.

In addition, relying on competent and certified personnel ensures that the company will design, set up and manage high-performing and reliable infrastructure, enablingcost optimization and adherence to the company’s budget.

The experience was very positive and allowed us to get to know the skills and professionalism of DedaCloud, in the various project phases but also and especially in the management of the service when fully operational.
With a dynamic and proactive structure, they were able to keep our needs as the focus by building for us a service that I could call tailoring.

Massimiliano Paterna, Chief Information Officer - CSP International Fashion Group


and solution

In the project testing phase, our technicians fully supported the company during the first months of migration, ensuring full start-up of the new service until the old infrastructure was decommissioned.

Deda Cloud demonstrated competence, professionalism and dynamism, ensuring the migration without interfering with business operations and meeting the budgeted timelines.

Distinctive element was the intergroup relationship with Astadia, SAP application consultant, which created a winning combination for the client. This allows CSP to relate to a single point of contact, relieving it of any critical issues that will be resolved internally within the group.

The Enterprise Managed Services for SAP solution in detail provides:

– A platform engineered to host SAP environments in our data center;

– The professionalism of our certified staff to manage the application components;

Redundancy of all platform components to enable landscapes to function in all eventualities;

– The ability to enable replication of environments on one of our secondary sites to ensure maximum service continuity.

CSP International understood the potential of the solution for its business, not only because of the flexibility and infrastructural independence given by the cloud migration, but also because of the management service that allows the client to relieve itself of all the more complex tasks and management risk, relying directly on the professionalism and expertise of our experts.

Two were the winning elements:

1) The competence, professionalism and proactivity of the technicians during all phases of the project;

2) Dedagroup’s strength and synergy with group companies specializing in the SAP environment.

Jan 2021

Starting the EManS for SAP service by migrating the SAP platform to the cloud

Jul 2021

Risk Assessment to highlight critical issues in corporate security

Dec 2021

Cloud migration of entire infrastructure with Cloud @Home services: Data Center as a Service and Remote Vaulting

Jan 2022

Investment in Cybersecurity Services with Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing


Entrusting the management to certified, experienced and highly specialized staff has enabled CSP to invest more on core activities for the business, focusing on the growth and development of its brands. This is the key outcome of the project that reduces liability and management risk for the company.

Deda Cloud people are responsible for governing, monitoring, preventing and resolving malfunctions , and managing changes for the proper functioning of business landscapes. At the same time, they follow the company’s growth perspective over time, studying the best technologies for business needs and avoiding infrastructure oversizing.

Now CSP International has achieved its goals:

Be untethered from HW renewal logic and relate HW Selection;

– Have greater elasticity in scaling SAP infrastructure quickly and following business dynamics;

Rely on certified and experienced personnel, relieving the IT staff and focusing entirely on strategic business activities.

Flexibility and proactivity led to a quality result for CSP International, strengthening the relationship with Deda Cloud, a trusted partner for other strategic business choices.

This has also allowed the company to introduce more and more innovative solutions or technologies to the market, being guided by our knowledgeable and certified staff.

Today we are bringing to CSP International solutions that are increasingly relevant to its competitiveness in the market and that bring it closer to the Cloud and Cybersecurity issues that are now fundamental in every business.

Our goal is to continue to support the company over time in a process of not only technological but also business evolution.

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