Cloud EDR


The service for the provision, management, and maintenance of a next-generation Endpoint Detection and Response security solution for endpoint protability (client, server, and mobile). 

We provide a platform to improve your IT team’s responsiveness to advanced cyber threats and the response to contain an attack before it spreads within the infrastructure. 

In detail

Based on the cloud and an agent on endpoints with centralized deployment, it differs from traditional signature-based antivirus because it uses machine learning technology and behavioral analysis to preemptively identify advanced cyber attacks such as malware or multiphase and multifaceted malicious code.

A single console integrates all communications and functionality for monitoring, detection, classification, and prioritization of security events.

Based on the criticality of the event, which is crucial information for effective management, the client’s IT team has the tools to further investigate the anomaly and respond if a threat becomes apparent, for example, by completely isolating the system under attack from all forms of communication with preemptive containment.

Frequent use cases

Adapt security strategy to capillarized businesses – Several businesses in all markets have added a significant amount of external equipment to the corporate network. While it is impossible to think in terms of expanding the impassable perimeter from time to time, serving an endpoint-specific security system compensates by helping to gain overall visibility into endpoint security events with simple processes.

Avoid irreparable damage-Using a platform that is always up-to-date and managed by continuously trained personnel enables improved responsiveness to evolved and unknown threats that are constantly changing in the marketplace.


We guarantee you better detection and timely response against advanced attack techniques and unknown threats than traditional (signature) technology-based solutions.


The service is cloud-based. Non-invasive agent with centralized deployment, requires no investment and infrastructure changes.


Rely on the advice of our specialists to work alongside your IT team.

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