Cloud Azure

Multicloud & Infrastructure

Want to make peace with the Microsoft Azure ecosystem?

We provide you with the resources you need to implement your business applications. We create the virtual servers and any other surrounding architectural elements (network, security, balancers..) to build the solution that best fits your reality.

We support you in designing your future IT environment, take care of your every need, and cover your every need, ensuring direct and specialized service.

In detail

Entrust our h24 staff to manage the infrastructure built together, monitoring the proper functioning of the service to keep performance always aligned with business needs. 

Specifically, we provide:
– Monitoring  – check logs, disk space, outcome of data saves, security profiles, status of high reliability services, system performance. 
– Incident/Malfunction Management  – based on thresholds defined in monitoring, staff will intervene in the event of degradation or disruption to restore proper platform operation.
– Change Management  – for the purpose of optimizing performance, to review backup and restore procedures related to needs that have arisen, to improve system security.
Tools  – we use technology provided by Microsoft Azure integrated with our partners’ other solutions. 

Frequent use cases

Managing difficulties successfully – Using an Azure infrastructure requires specific skills in designing, deploying, managing and integrating it into your IT environment, so it is important to have skilled technicians on hand who can intervene in any eventuality.

Hyper but face-to-face – Taking advantage of an ancillary service to the Azure platform, which provides the same performance as the manufacturer but follows up with the customer h24, reduces the time and distance with the service providers themselves, which is often present when communicating with large companies in the industry.

Don’t take a wrong turn any more – Employing technology-rich ecosystems has its advantages when you have a clear way forward. Our experts can guide you to timely solutions without you having to learn at the expense of your business.

Direct report

We are your sole point of contact and can guarantee you specialized service dedicated to your needs.

Certain cost

You can plan your expenses with certainty while sticking to your business budget.

Technology Upgrade

Our infrastructure is always updated and periodically adapted to new IT trends.


Our architecture is scalable and the fee is proportionate to your growth.

Dedicate yourself to your business

Deda Cloud relieves you of all activities and management risk, you can focus on activities that create value to your business.


Our service is quick and easy to integrate into your IT environment.

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Why Deda?

– Consulting – We support the client in choices and decision making.

Professionalism and expertise – We are specialized and certified on Cloud and Security technologies.

In step with the market – We are able to shape cutting-edge technologies and the most complex ecosystems.

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