CCM Marries Cybersecurity with Deda Cloud

With nearly 50 years of history, CCM Coop Cartai Modenese is a leading packaging manufacturer nationwide. The company specializes in solutions in paper and other recyclable and compostable materials, with an approach geared toward integrating products and consulting to offer customers a personalized and comprehensive service.

CCM’s priorities are innovation and sustainability, thanks in part to intensive R&D. At CCM, different materials are experimented with on a daily basis to identify the most promising avenues, toward solutions that are useful to the market and in line with the increasingly peculiar demands of its customers.


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The production of food packaging requires complete control of the production process, from raw materials to the finished product: the word quality is the hallmark of the entire process. This is why CCM prioritizes technological innovation and research, investing daily in the renewal of production lines to support imposing workloads and ensure a quality product that accompanies our food.

CCM’s critical eye and attention to market trends have increased the company’s awareness of a phenomenon that now affects all industries even if seemingly far removed from it: cybersecurity.

Companies today are facing:

– The ever-changing methodologies and dynamics of threats;

Vulnerability and deployment, increasingly involving application and service architectures;

Workforce mobility requiring the opening up of enterprise information systems beyond traditional domains.

This increases the need for a service that ensures effective tools for analysis and specific expertise in the subject matter. CCM thus responded to a clear market signal by preparing to create an effective defense system that combined the best technologies and technical expertise on the market.

Today, the problem of information security is not only related to technology, but also to expertise.CCM was looking for a partner who could support it in business management but with adequate experience to meet its needs. At the same time, the company needed to preserve corporate business continuity, involving the 4 production and distribution sites, which are fully interconnected.

Once again, CCM chose Deda Cloud to address a sensitive issue, continuing the longstanding and successful relationship that has united the two companies for several years.

Deda Cloud stood out for the expertise and comprehensiveness with which it could respond to the customer. The acquisition of IFInet has enabled Deda Cloud to achieve seniority in all areas of IT, from the world of virtualization (operating systems, storage, applications), through the networking world, to the cybersecurity sphere. In addition, the ability to understand the client’s need, adapting its services to the context and proposing a 360-degree managed service, from the provision of hardware and software licenses, to the management of any data breaches and all activities related to the world of cybersecurity, has won over customers by conveying the confidence of working with a trusted partner and quality.

The real difficulty today is not so much preventing attacks, but being able to stem them as much as possible, and to do that requires expertise. That's why I believe that it's not enough to talk about technology but that we need to talk about people, because people make the difference!
This is the key to Deda Cloud.

Fabrizio Guerriero, Responsabile ICT - CCM


and solution

The cornerstone of Deda Cloud’s proposal has been the as a Service model. For several years, CCM has chosen managed services not only for the economic benefit it derives from them but also for theefficiency of outsourced management that brings benefits and stability to the company. In addition, the solid and wide availability of technicians with after-sales and help desk support is crucial for medium-sized Italian companies like CCM, where the naturally limited resources of the IT department can rely on specialists on all required areas.

After defining the needs, analyzing the feasibility of the solution, and sharing it with the customer at all stages of execution, Deda Cloud implemented the Firewall as a Service solution. The service involves the provision and management of security systems, using state-of-the-art technologies considered leaders in the information security market.

Specifically, this service allows the customer to obtain the provision of the hardware and software in the form of rental, maintenance, constant control, proactive monitoring, management and support by the Deda Cloud Security Team. The customer benefits from ongoing support for the maintenance activities of the perimeter security infrastructure, but maintains autonomy for all policy configuration activities and analysis of events (logs) detected by the firewall. Policy creation is monitored to ensure expert intervention in case of incorrect activity to maintain corporate security.

Important has been the challenge of carrying out these modification and evolution activities without causing disruption to the business.

Deda Cloud was able to develop the solution on time with a phased approach, starting with smaller branches with limited and manageable problems and then developing it in more structured branches. The execution took place without any interruption or discernible impact from the company, even taking care of integration with systems outside Deda Cloud’s responsibility.

Two were the winning elements:

1) Deda Cloud’s deep technological knowledge, evidenced by its long experience in the IT world and strong business strength;

2) The use of the model as a Service, with all the benefits associated with it.


Launching Managed Services for infrastructure management


Purchase of Cloud@Home infrastructure by re-trusting us to manage it


First Firewall as a Service Subscribed


Networking project startup with renewal of Firewall as a Service solution


The protection achieved by CCM has enabled the company to complement the availability of resources and expertise of its IT department, supported by experienced and knowledgeable staff focused on more advanced level issues.

24-hour support increases enterprise security without diverting IT staff from the company’s primary business activities and requiring considerable investment in technology management and maintenance. It also frees IT staff from all the periodic activities required to ensure that the security system is functioning properly: policy backups, patch application, hotfixes, and major release updates.

CCM has achieved its goals:

Fully protect the enterprise network infrastructure;

– Use state-of-the-art technologies with ease of use;

– Ensure their IT department: support, management and control of systems 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

The company could immediately feel the benefits of this ongoing relationship with Deda Cloud. With the advent of the pandemic, CCM was able to switch its employees from the onsite office directly to their homes without any interruption or lack of protection. The connected but independent locations ensured business continuity and still ensure it during extraordinary business activities.

Although corporate security can never be considered an unassailable fixed point, CCM recognized Deda Cloud as the ideal partner with which to protect itself.

This is an important choice for companies because it is often difficult to outsource the management of their infrastructure. CCM, however, has recognized Deda Cloud’s specialization in its projects, valuing the selection it operates on its proposed services and guaranteeing competent, certified and experienced interlocutors in the field. This allows the company to have continuity in business but also in service, which is essential for CCM, operating alongside the food industry and active 365 days a year.

With CCM, the goal for the future is to continue to evolve and improve ways of defense and prevention, accompanying the company in its ambitious Cloud and Cyber strategy.

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