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The partner of choice for leading agricultural and construction equipment manufacturers, Carraro is an international group with solid experience in mechanical engineering and among the world’s leading manufacturers of gears and transmission systems.

Technology, innovation and people are the pillars that guide the company’s activities, enabling it to achieve its goal: to offer increasingly advanced and competitive technological solutions to improve the activities of those who use operating, agricultural and earthmoving machinery.

Turnover 2021

640 mln

Employees 2021





For 90 years, Carraro has been committed to supporting and empowering those who work on professional machines in agriculture and earthmoving. A long history guided by important values that have led the company to the expansion and success that characterizes it today. 

5 are the values that represent their activities:

We are Responsible, ensuring respect for people and quality at all levels;

We create Value, in every action: from the purchase of a component to design to service;

We develop Talents by investing in people’s growth;

We stimulate Innovation, a process of continuous renewal with a long-term vision;

We work Together, to strengthen partnerships based on trust and mutual respect.

Companies with a major international push like Carraro’s-which operates on every continent with plants in Italy, Argentina, India and China-select their partners very carefully.

This selection enables the company to guarantee the quality and value that Customers demand and that allows it to be among the world’s leading manufacturers of construction, agricultural and earthmoving equipment.

In addition, creating strong, long-term collaborative relationships enables the company to develop synergies that strengthen its competitive position in the market and that of the Customers who choose it.

Deda Cloud was recognized as the perfect partner to support Carraro’s growth, fully meeting the company’s expectations.

For more than 20 years, Carraro has relied on these partners to invest in its infrastructure, protect its data and manage its SAP environment, the market leader in administration, finance and control ERP solutions.

Driven by a desire to improve and follow market demands, Carraro needed to be accompanied in integrating the SAP application into the company while preserving the security of its data.

Together with IBM, Carraro had implemented the SAP application project, choosing Deda Cloud as the project’s technology and systems partner, guaranteeing experience, expertise, up-to-date technologies and in line with market needs.

The relationship has then been enriched by the new collaboration with Derga, a group company and top SAP partner, which has ensured a higher quality of service and a direct and privileged dialogue with the application partner, which is often essential to shorten the time of any intervention.

Deda Cloud with its expertise and experience proved to be the partner we were looking for, building the relationship of helpfulness, trust and respect that still characterizes us today.
Partnership is measured in difficult times, and in emergency situations Deda Cloud has always responded with the utmost readiness.

Matteo Rosina, IT Infrastructure Manager - Carraro


and solution

Over time, Deda Cloud has shown customers the potential of its services and the expertise of its technicians, accompanying Carraro in making strategic and technological choices for its business.

The relationship of trust created has enabled them to build customer loyalty and become the supplier of choice for the enterprise environment (main frame and storage).

Specifically, Deda Cloud configured the dual environment in high availability configuration, storage virtualization and backup environment, protecting business productivity from unexpected downtime.

With the advent of the SAP project, IBM implemented the application design, while Deda Cloud provided pre- and post-migration support to the SAP environment as a technology and systems partner.

Subsequently, the ManS for SAP management service was integrated: Carraro thus entrusted Deda Cloud with the systematic management of the database and SAP instances, the required system support, along with all monitoring and update activities.

The Client has retained some autonomy in its IT environment, but has outsourced to certified technical staff those specific activities related to database or storage that do not affect the application part.

For the management of the Carraro infrastructure, Carraro boasts of a direct relationship with specialized technicians who, when necessary, with defined timeframes and quantities, respond to the Customer’s needs, study the best solution and implement it.

The success of the SAP project has fueled the relationship between the partners, convincing Carraro of their choice and maintaining the use of the implemented services in their environments. Deda Cloud and IBM together defined the most suitable technology and strategy for the Client, following its needs and market demands to make it competitive and up-to-date.

Two were the winning elements:

1) Specific competence , demonstrated by technicians over the years;

2) The synergy of the Deda Cloud & IBM relationship combined with The quality of the services offered.


Provision of IBM hardware and software technology


SAP environment system and application support project.

2014 – 2015

ManS for SAP management services activation and storage & systems infrastructure renewal


Infrastructure renewal and upgrade activities


The cohesion between Deda Cloud and IBM as technology partners on this project ensured quality and efficiency for Carraro, as it entrusted its infrastructure to competent, certified and continuously trained personnel who follow the customer’s requests and needs. In fact, Deda Cloud, thanks to the extensive break-in work on its processes, is able to deliver effective services that are immediately ready for deployment, to the great satisfaction of customers. In addition, Carraro can take advantage of state-of-the-art technology fully managed and controlled by Deda Cloud technicians, with 24-hour support.

The solution has enabled Carraro to avoid oversizing the infrastructure, minimizing unnecessary investment and saving money by investing, because purchasing a service as an operating cost allows the company to optimize costs and stick to its budget, while still relying on SAP-certified personnel.

Carraro has achieved his goals:

Safeguard your data with secure, up-to-date infrastructure signed by IBM;

Integrate the SAP environment into your strategic business;

Avoiding oversizing of infrastructure;

Outsource SAP platform management and some specific system activities to certified and qualified personnel;

– Continuing to build a lasting and successful relationship with trusted partners that in the long run allows operations to be much lighter allowing for acceleration on the roadmap.

In the same way, Carraro has been able to focus its people on strategic activities that create value for its enterprise, outsourcing technical-operational activities to partners and minimizing management risk.

Sharing responsibilities is a key aspect that allows you to ensure continuity in your business and delegate those complex activities that require specific skills, experience and constantly updated staff.

Deda Cloud availability guaranteed by 24-hour technical support service allows Carraro to protect its business from events that could jeopardize business continuity; in addition, the close group collaboration that Deda Cloud has with its partners guarantees the Customer integrated application and system management, with an SAP environment that is always optimized in terms of performance and functionality.

At Carraro,technological innovation is one of the most recognized values, so partners who support the company’s growth must be able to follow the spirit of Carraro and its needs, providing services that respect the quality, experience and expertise required. Deda Cloud has excelled in this, building a lasting relationship of trust and mutual respect.

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