Business Impact Analysis


We analyze your business, through interviews and data collection, to assess the effect that a particular event, such as a disaster, cyber attack, lawsuit, failure to comply with a regulation, can have on your business in economic terms, causing, for example, loss of customers, increased costs, reputational damage, lawsuits, or regulatory violations.

We assess your company’s resilience in restarting after an incident by laying the groundwork to identify and develop a recovery and impact reduction plan, periodically releasing dedicated documentation and reports.

In detail

The consultancy involves interviews with key personnel involved in business processes, as well as the IT Manager, then proceeding with the analysis of IT perimeters, assets and processes.

The analysis is based on questionnaires derived from standards and models such as ISO, Mehari, COBIT, ITIL, and NIST, and the creation of a matrix that, through successive processing, highlights the major areas of discoverability and risk for the defined perimeter.

Frequent use cases

Bridging the regulatory gap – Regulations regarding “best practices” that companies must implement when it comes to security are constantly updating. Therefore, it is important to stay up-to-date and informed about the activities to be performed to avoid fines or onerous penalties.

Decrease extraordinary costs – Having a snapshot of the economic impact that certain events have on your business helps you define your resilience and lay the groundwork for developing a specific recovery plan.


We protect your business by reducing the risk of suffering economic harm.


We analyze your cybersecurity posture.


We detect any regulatory gaps and direct the adjustment process.


The service lays the foundation for the development of corrective plans and reduction of impacts.


Our staff is certified on major regulatory frameworks and best practices.

Objective analysis

Consulting activities are appropriately documented with periodic deliverables.

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Why Deda?

Experience – Experienced professionals certified on the use of methodologies, best practices, standards and laws.

Consulting – We use the expertise of the consulting vertical Axym to support clients in their choices.

Accuracy – We conduct objective analysis according to the most suitable paradigms.

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