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Deda Cloud & IBM

Allitude is Cassa Centrale Group ‘s new company specializing in IT and back-office services for the banking sector. Allitude was born on January 1, 2020 with the aim of giving a robust industrial reorganization of the entire IT and Banking Services area in support of customer banks and affiliates of the Cassa Centrale Group. An ambitious, innovative and strongly forward-looking project.

Their Mission is to make a concrete contribution to the economic and social development of the territory through continuous improvement and innovation of the business models of our client banks with ad hoc developed IT solutions and the provision of high value-added services. The goal is to become the benchmark for digital, sustainable and responsible transformation within the banking industry landscape

2020 Turnover

+ 185 mln


+ 650




Allitude combines the experience and expertise of companies that have been committed for years to providing their customers with IT solutions that enable them to translate the choice to outsource into competitive advantage.

Customers outsource the management of their information system, or a part of it, achieving an improvement in customer experience and relieving themselves of those activities with a low strategic level.

As an IT services company, in an industry as complex as banking, Allitude is always looking for new solutions and cutting-edge technologies that are able to support business development and guarantee its customers continuity of service, transparency and constant updates.

At the same time, it seeks to identify the best technology partners that are in line with its business philosophy.

Therefore, the company also reiterates its corporate mission in its choice of partners: to create long-term relationships between customer and supplier by designing ad-hoc solutions for business development.

For more than 10 years, Dedagroup, and especially Deda Cloud, have been supporting Allitude in growing its competitiveness in the market by selecting and providing cutting-edge, market-leading technologies such as IBM.

This historical and enduring relationship testifies to the IBM partner expertise at provision of hardware and software solutions in line with business needs, combined with the professionalism of Deda Cloud staff and the quality of services offered, able to understand customers’ needs, accompany them in their choices and make them more and more competitive in the market.

Our services require experience, professionalism and listening to business needs, so it is essential for us to find the same characteristics in our suppliers.
This has always been the case with Dedagroup and IBM, and the historic partnership that unites us is a testament to that.

Valentino Moroni, Responsabile Direzione Tecnica Technology Service - Allitude S.p.A.


and solution

Allitude’s core business was a key factor in the choice of the solution deployed in the company; Core Banking’s mission critical applications, which require continuity of service, run today on the “IBM Power i” operating system and in the future, again using IBM technology, on the RedHat orchestration platform.

The IBM Power platform has always assured customers of performance, reliability, availability and, thanks to virtualization with IBM Power VM, even maximum efficiency in terms of workload consolidation, thus minimizing costs.

IBM DS8000F Storage systems ensure that they maximize service continuity even in the face of any planned or unplanned infrastructure or data center downtime.

Through the functionality of IBM Metro/Global Mirror, the DS8000F systems align data simultaneously in synchronous mode, for Business Continuity in the Trent Data Center, and asynchronous, with the Disaster Recovery Data Center placed at a geographical distance, while ensuring the Performance maximization for applications and outstanding Recovery Point Objective levels.

At the same time, the data protection is critical for a company operating in a banking industry where data is the basis of every business, which is why IBM has increased the availability of its backup infrastructure with a IBM TS4500 Tape Library with IBM 3592 Tape Drive, a technology capable of maximize speeds in both backup and data recovery.

In addition, the use of IBM Spectrum Control & IBM Spectrum Protect allows the customer on the one hand to optimize the time and cost associated with these activities, and on the other hand to consolidate and centralize the execution of backups for distributed environments.

Therefore, a complete supply of state-of-the-art Storage and backup infrastructure was chosen for the client, ensuring continuity and quality of service with data protection and reduced downtime/costs.

Dedagroup has been key support in the selection and implementation of IBM technologies. The long-lasting relationship with Allitude has enabled us to fully understand the customer’s needs and accompany them to the solution that would make them more competitive in the market.

Two were the winning elements:

1) The presence of Deda Cloud as a historical supplier and guarantee of the proposed solutions;

2) The quality and reliability of IBM technologies .


Invests in early IBM technologies, pioneers of AS400


Buy first storage infrastructure, beginning partnership with Dedagroup

To date.

Renew the infrastructure with technology development, relying on our experience and the quality of IBM solutions


Allitude is now able to provide efficient and continuous service while optimizing and minimizing the cost of doing business.

Relying on industry experts and the best technologies on the market, the company has invested in its business growth and the quality of its services, achieving the following goals:

Maximize the reliability of its services, ensuring continuity in the face of any possible downtime;

Invest in cutting-edge technologies that maximize the performance and availability of their Storage, backup, and data protection infrastructures;

Optimize time, cost of operation and monitoring infrastructure.

The historic partnership with Dedagroup has enabled Allitude to rely on competent and certified personnel to choose technologies tailored to its needs.

In addition, the cohesion between Dedagroup and IBM evidenced by a platinum parternship ensures customers quality, experience, and transparency essential to building lasting relationships with this relevance.

Thegoal for the future is to grow this historic partnership more and more, accompanying Allitude to new, increasingly strategic business solutions.

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