Workplace 3D

Multicloud & Infrastructure

Ideal for graphics departments and R&D technical offices, the service allows you to remotely access the workstations in your work environments, via any device, using the 3D applications active on the graphics workstation and maintaining the same performance.

Our experienced staff is at your disposal for:
– Activate a POC and check the effectiveness of our service.
– Guide you in the design and implementation of the platform used.
– In the operation phase, assist you in managing the platform in the face of malfunctions, inefficiencies, or changes.

In detail

The technology used allows direct remote access to graphics workstations in the company, even with 3D graphics support (for workstations with GPU graphics card). The same technology allows access to ordinary Desktop PCs hosted in corporate offices.

Remote connection is achieved by the specific agent installed in the workstation operating system that enables optimized connection protocols that significantly limit the bandwidth required to connect the end-user’s device to the graphics workstation.

Access can be via a VPN or by taking advantage of a specific component (Connection Broker) accessible via public IP that takes care of authenticating the remote user (with integration on active directory) and encrypting the connection to make it unalterable and undetectable.

Frequent use cases

Embracing Smart Working but Safely – In the “new” reality, smart working and office attendance alternate frequently. The service allows you to incentivize the use of BYOD, legacy applications and systems with specific configurations that are difficult to replicate, while maintaining high security standards and optimizing costs.

Attract hybrid figures while saving money – The service is tailored to ensure the same performance for all departments using graphics workstations located in the office and with qualities that are difficult to replicate remotely.

Agile Work

Enable your employees in simple, safe and productive smart working.


You have the option of using trial licenses for up to 60 days.


Access to workstations is allowed only after authentication and with encrypted channels.


The service can be used from any device, including B/CYOD.


Our solution is easy to integrate with Active Directory and the corporate network.


You can enable the use of expensive graphics workstations and specialized software by users who need to work remotely. 

Why Deda?

– Ethics – We believe in multicloud approach and data culture.

– Innovation – We work with vendors on the creation of new services useful to the market.

– Made in Italy – Data centers are on Italian soil, which is ideal in terms of compliance and accountability.

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