Vulnerability Management


Consulting activities to analyze your IT infrastructure and reveal IT vulnerabilities present due to misconfigurations, missed updates or patches, and system vulnerabilities.

You can determine the presence and criticality of IT vulnerabilities that can compromise business operations, causing economic damage and loss of data or reputation. Subsequently, the service also allows you to plan corrective actions.

In detail

Our work is based on widely accepted guidelines and methodologies in Information Security and is performed by our certified specialists with deep expertise in cybersecurity dynamics, using automatic and manual detection tools.

Upon completion of the activities, we release a Vulnerability Report that summarizes the results obtained, the detail list of vulnerabilities, and the criticality, based on the impact and suggested remediation actions.

The service is part of an enterprise cybersecurity plan that includes periodic audits and a cycle of continuous improvement in the level of cybersecurity.

Frequent use cases

Accelerating infrastructural growth – Achieving infrastructure stability quickly and identifying its development roadmap with certainty, helps to work on time without putting the business at risk.

Stay prepared for every eventuality – Integrating your cybersecurity plan with cyber vulnerability management allows you to stay in line with new modes of attack, protecting your business and reputation.


We highlight critical infrastructure vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cyber criminals.


We highlight each vulnerability and focus on the most critical ones.

Operational continuity

We fix vulnerabilities that could compromise business operations and cause financial or reputational damage.

CSP International

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Founded in the heart of Made in Italy hosiery, CSP International Fashion Group is one of the most important Italian manufacturers and distributors in the underwear industry.

The company decided to invest in the Cloud by relying on us and the management, expertise and professionalism of our experts, untying itself from the logic of renewal, to make its business dynamic and flexible.

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Why Deda?

Accuracy – We conduct objective analysis according to the most suitable paradigms.

Professionalism and Expertise – We are specialized and certified on Cloud and Security technologies.

Clarity – Certified and trained teachers to meet every need.

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