Cloud Web Application Firewall


It is the service that ensures the security of your applications, exposed on the Internet or internal networks, by protecting them with next-generation tools, without the need to purchase or acquire specific equipment or expertise. 

Our goal is to deliver online services efficiently and always in line with your expectations, optimizing performance and maximizing productivity.

In detail

The service provides a security layer that interposes itself between the client application and the user, intercepting traffic even if it is encrypted (SSL), to perform all necessary checks on the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Specifically, the service includes the following features:
– Advanced protection using behavioral analysis, Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to determine anomalous traffic and detect any possible threats.
– An updated, monitored (h24) and redundant platform to ensure proper operation even in case of hardware or software failure.
– 24-hour support and assistance. Our technicians are specialized and trained to respond promptly in the event of a malfunction or security incident.

The solution is also suitable for heterogeneous cloud environments because the management console is unique and covers hybrid cloud environments to meet the needs for flexibility and shifting loads between infrastructures of different types.

Frequent use cases

Support your hybrid cloud environments – Using a single management console allows you to govern and cater to those heterogeneous cloud architectures that are difficult to manage.

Follow regulatory compliance-Delivering services online requires meeting high standards of security, continuity and reliability, achievable through timely and specific training.

Restore the match between security and business – The process of servitization has shifted some of the business to web applications, and it is important that the security strategy does not remain designed solely for the traditional side. Cloud WAF is the vertical answer for this case study.


We effectively protect the deployment and publication of applications and services on the Internet.


Reduce the complexity of your architecture by delegating management tasks to our technicians.


Management is through a single console even in the presence of heterogeneous cloud environments, facilitating operations.


You can benefit from the 24-hour support of our trained and certified technicians.


Our solution is always up-to-date and can quickly determine critical situations.


We help you comply with technological and regulatory safety requirements.

RAD Informatica

#Management #Security #VMware #Partnership.

Since 1999 RAD Informatica has been accompanying and facilitating companies in the complete management of the entire bank and financial credit recovery process, developing automated and ad hoc software solutions for its clients.

With Deda Cloud, it decided to revisit its Cloud infrastructure by investing in a hybrid solution: IaaS & Managed IaaS, replicated with DR system and supported by VMware technologies that ensure network microsegmentation, autonomy and security.

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Why Deda?

Versatility – Our services adapt to all customer network architectures and topologies.

Professionalism and Expertise – We are specialized and certified on Cloud and Security technologies.

Never stand still – Our teams test each other in a continous improvement process.

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