ManS for Monitoring

Managed Services

The service that allows you to monitor your IT environment with quality and security.

Monitoring detects and reports malfunctions, outages, or spikes in downtime and enables you to improve the performance of your IT resources, ensuring that your environment is always efficient and on track.

The service is supported by our staff who will help you, promptly and competently, in deployment, report management and prevention of anomalies ensuring continuity of your business.

In detail

The service includes the monitoring platform, supported by Deda Cloud, which provides a clear overview of the status and proper functioning of IT components. Dashboards and visualizations of key indicators enable quick action in case of disruption.

The service monitors IT infrastructure (hardware, applications and virtual environments) from any vendor, belonging to any industry and deployed anywhere.

Specifically, the service includes:

– System Management solution to monitor every component of your infrastructure (servers, databases, network equipment, security devices…).
– Maintenance activities to ensure the continuous operation of the platform.
– Supporting the use of the monitoring solution.

Frequent use cases

Sharing responsibilities – Implementing and using a monitoring system requires specific skills and complex tasks that should be entrusted to experienced and up-to-date staff to minimize platform management risk.

Identify the root-cause – Like any machine, an enterprise IT environment needs to be checked, reviewed and updated. Using an ad hoc monitoring system allows you to check the status of physical and virtual devices in your IT environment, identifying, analyzing and responding to any cause of malfunction to limit future damage.

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of the service


The service and related fee are always adhered to and proportionate to your needs, allowing you to plan your expenses with certainty and stick to your budget.

Control the risk

Minimizes management risk by transferring responsibility to us. We will support you with 24-hour technical assistance.

Dedicate yourself to your business

We take care of every technical-operational activity, so you can focus on the activities that create value for your business.


We anticipate problems in your IT structure.


Our staff is knowledgeable, certified and constantly trained to ensure that you always receive answers that are appropriate to your requirements and in line with your technologies.


Our service is quick and easy to implement.

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Why Deda?

Clear referrals – Each client is assigned a highly specialized technician who follows up with them at all times.

Customer focus – Developing new solutions every day for customer peace of mind.

Experience – We have been operating for 20 years with a group from which we draw market and application expertise.

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