Disaster Recovery as a Service


The service enables the creation of an organizational plan for restarting your business activities in the event of an information systems downtime even caused by a catastrophic event.

We remotely replicate an IT infrastructure, operationally dormant but constantly updated, that can provide continuity of services considered essential to your company’s operations.

In detail

The service sets up organization, tools and procedures to ensure the restart of IT systems in the face of a disaster event at the Customer’s primary datacenter.

We provide infrastructure services, hosted at our data centers or at the customer’s site, audit the entire IT process of disaster management, and support the customer in disaster recovery plan preparation and operational testing.

Frequent use cases

Damage limitation–Preparing an organizational plan of action in advance in the event of an IT systems fault or catastrophic event helps mitigate the risk of production downtime and subsequent economic loss.

Be Prepared to Respond-Technologies and related crimes update daily, so it is important to conduct continuous simulations to periodically check that the disaster recovery plan adheres to timelines and procedures.

Compensating skill-shortage – In implementing a timely and effective business continuity infrastructure, specific business needs may arise that only experienced and certified technicians can cover.


We limit the damage caused by cyber attacks or data loss.

Business Continuity

We ensure business continuity within a predetermined and acceptable time to give continuity to your business without excessive losses.


Our experienced and certified staff supports you in all phases of management, preparation and execution of the recovery plan.


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MD is among the most dynamic retailers in Italian large-scale retail, a business that runs fast, always on, geographically distributed and among the Italian pioneers also in e-commerce, with a portal dedicated to non-food.

ITAS Mutual

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ITAS Mutua is the parent company of the ITAS Insurance Group and has been protecting its insured members since 1821 by providing the best possible insurance service and contributing to community development.

Deda Cloud together with Dell Technologies has implemented a Disaster Recovery solution that can support the heterogeneity of technologies, protect the large amount of data governed and ensure business continuity.

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Why Deda?

Versatility – Our services adapt to all customer network architectures and topologies.

Professionalism and Expertise – We are specialized and certified on Cloud and Security technologies.

Never stand still – Our teams test each other in a continous improvement process.

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