Digital Preservation

Enterprise Managed Platform

The service that provides a platform in our cloud, through which you can realize and manage in compliance with reference standards, securely and according to scalability criteria the long-term preservation of your data and historical archives.

In detail

The service makes available:

A platform composed of open source vertical products to carry out the creation, transfer and storage of archival packages.
A set of computational, storage, network resources to build your IT infrastructure where you store your data.
Specialist advice in regulatory matters, data curation and digital preservation, by our staff, supporting you in drafting your digital preservation plan, data curation plans and data migration for obsolescence.

Specifically, the application platform for digital preservation consists of:

Back-End based on open source vertical for managing the digital preservation workflow in all its phases: transfer, ingestion, archiving to storage, preservation planning, administration, data management (including service management reporting). The Back-end exposes via REST API the services to build your integrations between business applications and the digital preservation service.
Front-End based open source vertical for controlled dissemination to users.

The platform can be made usable in our cloud (@deda) or in your cloud (@home).

Frequent use cases

Follow technological development economically–Using an open source digital preservation platform makes it possible to preserve historical data archives for decades, dismantling old preservation infrastructure and reducing the burden of an infrastructure investment.

Comply with data quality standards-Relying on specialized data curation and digital preservation consulting ensures compliance with regulatory constraints that require integrity, preservation and accessibility of data for decades.


You can shape your digital preservation flows and IT environment according to your needs, managing them with complete freedom.


You can meet regulatory constraints with an application and infrastructure platform that complies with digital preservation requirements.


You can preserve your digital objects in multiple formats and manage the migration of files for obsolescence.

Application upgrade

Open source platforms are always updated and periodically adjusted to new versions released by the international open source community.


Our application architecture is scalable, guaranteeing you a fee proportionate to the growth of your data to be preserved.

Certain cost

You can plan your digital preservation expenditures with certainty while sticking to your corporate budget.

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