Cloud Archiving


The service eliminates traditional media for long-term storage by leveraging a remote replication mechanism to a dedicated cloud storage space, hosted at our data centers.

We guarantee you long time retention of backup data, eliminating magnetic media, reducing costs and simplifying management issues. Our knowledgeable and trained staff will follow you through all stages, verifying the entire replication process and supporting you in policy configuration.

In detail

The technology used is provided by Dell EMC Data Domain systems, the market leader in disk storage management. The service is easily integrated into the IT environment and independent of the backup software already in the enterprise infrastructure.

The system uses Internet connectivity to store older data quickly and securely, following customizable policies and moving it to a remote cloud system compatible with the S3 storage protocol.

Stored data will always be available when needed, retrieving them from the cloud via Data Domain and allowing them to be restored on-premises later.

Frequent use cases

Optimize cost and space – Storing your own backup data requires additional physical space, cost and resources that the cloud world eliminates, while still providing a secure, remote and relocated copy of your data.

Mitigating the impacts of environmental hazards – In areas of high hydrogeological risk, an extreme event can preclude even the possibility of restarting if data are stored on site. Moving historical data to a secure data center guards against that risk.

Meet your backup needs – In the data backup process, security, backup, recovery and restore policies can meet all your business needs, as they can be customized and supported by our certified staff.


The service allows your data to be saved for an extended period without risking loss.


Delegate the onerous management of your infrastructure to our staff.


Our solution can be easily integrated and modulated to suit your needs.


You can use your data at any time.


You can rely on the advice of our highly specialized and trained staff.


Our service allows you to better manage costs and management issues by eliminating backup tapes.

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