Backup as a Service

Multicloud & Infrastructure

A complete dedicated backup solution, as a service and ready to use, to safeguard your data and keep it within your company.  

It is an extension of our datacenter, we use our own technologies, manage them as if you were in our cloud, and at any time, if you want, you can turn your cloud@Home into cloud@Deda.

In detail

Selected from the best technologies on the market and appropriately sized according to the customer’s needs, the solution includes:

A comprehensive software suite to manage the lifecycle of structured and unstructured data saves from heterogeneous environments.
A dedicated physical repository, using compression deduplication techniques, hosted at the customer site.

The service includes monitoring, malfunction management, initial and subsequent configuration to keep each service component in constant efficiency.

Optionally, we can extend the service by entrusting our staff with all activities related to the lifecycle of rescues and restores.

Frequent use cases

Avoid infrastructure overprovisioning – Purchasing a fully managed backup platform allows you to stay adherent to business needs by quickly adjusting infrastructure and avoiding overprovisioning.

Centralize the saving of your data – Having a service that can save the data present on heterogeneous and geographically distributed systems allows you to optimize and reduce the lifecycle costs of saves.

Close to you

The backup platform is located directly in your company.


The service is inclusive of every component and management task, reducing the complexity of purchasing a complete product that is sure to suit your needs.


We take you step by step through cloud adoption.


Our service allows you to model a customized configuration according to your needs.

Opex vs Capex

Have a dedicated backup platform while limiting investment costs.


Our staff is knowledgeable, certified and constantly trained to ensure that you always receive answers that are appropriate to your requirements and in line with your technologies.


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The market is pushing companies to make increasingly effective defense systems.

CCM has recognized in Deda Cloud security, continuity and support, which are essential for a business that supports the food industry, active 365 days a year.


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Agile work brings companies face the need for greater security and centrality in managing the network and its users.

E-Pharma invested in technology and awareness of its resources thanks to Deda Cloud, which promptly, competently and confidently implemented a strategic solution for the company..

Allitude S.p.A.

#Storage #IBM #Partnership.

Recently founded, Allitude is the new company of the Cassa Centrale Group that supports banks in all back-office and IT services, developing ad hoc IT solutions and delivering high value-added services.

The historic partnership with Deda Cloud & IBM has enabled them to maximize the reliability and continuity of their services by investing in the cutting-edge storage and backup technologies that set their business apart.

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Why Deda?

– Ethics – We believe in multicloud approach and data culture.

– Innovation – We work with vendors on the creation of new services useful to the market.

– Made in Italy – Data centers are on Italian soil, which is ideal in terms of compliance and accountability.

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